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Kevin Callaway was born and raised in Southern California. His essays have appeared in numerous print journals around the US. He enjoys hiking, photography, languages, boardgames, music and cooking. He can be found online at kevincallaway.com

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The Zero Carbon Project – Tackling climate change with Blockchain Technology

1 day ago Kevin Callaway $1.11 (197.7977 BNTY)

As you may have guessed, I like to do research into green energy blockchain solutions and projects. You can check out my previous dives into other green energy blockhain projects here and here.   In today’s blog, I’d like to feature the Zero Carbon P...

Publish0x - 5 Suggestions for UI/UX Improvements

6 days ago Kevin Callaway $0.47 (83.8001 BNTY)

I've been using Publish0x for two weeks now, and I must say that I have enjoyed it immensely. More than any of my other attempts at blogging, I've found blogging here on Publish0x has given me more motivation than ever before to blog. Obviously the i...

Investing in Precious Metals – Should you do it with Crypto?

1 week ago Kevin Callaway $1.72 (305.3729 BNTY)

When I began investing in precious metals, I did so with the hope that “storing” my fiat in a semi-liquid, appreciable asset, would not only allow me to grow my wealth in a steady manner, but invest in something that would retain value. Even in the e...