It is not a Frog Sage, just my Time Mage, coming from another age, the Age of Wonders! (A Splinterlands battle challenge)


What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a card game, similar with Hearthstone, where you can play battle against other players to get a better rank or in tournaments. It is a NFT game based on Hive Blockchain, with multiple ways to capitalise and make money, real money, by playing it or trading in it. You can start earning as soon as you buy a Spellbook ($10) getting DEC tokens and NFT monster cards via daily quests and season quests (every 2 weeks). There is an airdrop daily, for a whole year, currently at day 270/365, I think, and you can still get some nice governance tokens just by playing the game for the next year. Everything counts, cards, DEC on HIVE, WAX, ETH and BSC, lands, titles, skins. You can maximize the airdrop by staking all you SPS for a 24.8% APR right now. Another way to make profit is to rent cards, getting paid in DEC tokens for it. But, my, oh my, the renting price right now is so, so low.


At last, we can finally buy packs with 4$, using just Credits. Even then, if you want to get the extra packs, you still need vouchers, but just for the bonus packs. An awesome hint from a really good player (not me), if you open your packs after the Legendary summoners are introduced, you have a small chance to get them from the packs. It was announced that Lands NFT and Riftwatchers pack are coming in the third quarter now, with the new Roadmap proposed by Splinterlands. Just check this awesome page about what are the Lands supposed to do.

time mage spt.png

The Time Mage is a decent Rare Life Unit, costing only 4 Mana (Good for Little League Ruleset) with 3 Magic Damage, 5 Speed and 4 Health at max level. However, the abilities are superb, giving you a real edge in the battle, especially if they are combined with the right summoner (think Quix decresing another 1 Speed and 1 Health). At level 1 got Slow, decreasing the whole opponent army Speed by 1, and at level 5 got Rust, decreasing Armor by 2. This last one alone can eliminate a summoner boost (if we think at Tyrus or Drake of Arnak +1 Armor).



So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 26

Rulesets: Standard (no Ruleset applied)


Mine - Summoner: Tyrus Paladium ( boosting his team with +1 Armor), with Shieldbearer as main tank, with Taunt and Shield (decrease Melee and Ranged attack by 1), Crystal Werewolf with Thorns (return Melee damage) and decreasing Magic by 1 with Silence, then Armorsmith with Repair Armor, to keep the tank alive a bit more, Silvershield Archer to clear the back of his army with Snipe and Double Strike, Time Mage slowing them down and decreasing armor by 2, and Doctor Blight in the shadows, using Camouflage, with Poison and Affliction, using Scavenger to get extra Health while attacking.

Opponent - Summoner: Quix the Devious (decreasing Ranged Attack and Speed by 1 for my team), with Djinn Chwalla as main tank returning damage with Thorns and using Enrage for extra damage, Twilight Basilisk attacking with Reach from the second position, with a very annoying Stun ability, Chaos Agent as fodder with extra Dodge and Phase, Uraeus with Sneak and Poison, Doctor Blight with Camouflage, Affliction, Poison and Scavenger , and Naga Assassin with Backfire (2 damage to the enemy missing the attack)

This was a interesting battle, and his main tank fell first, in the 3rd round, followed by his Chaos Agend and Basilisk, right before my Shieldbeared gave up too. Then all of them fought valiantly until the 6th round, when my Silvershield Archer died missing, from the Assassin's Backfire, but his last three, Uraeus, Doctor Blight and Naga were defeated also in the same round. Victory!

Star of the game - The Shieldbearer, absorbing some insane amount of damage until it was defeated.


On the side note, my continuous support for is going well, with my SPT tokens number raising over 1 million. All of it is delegated to @monster-curator, as this account is doing a great work curating the best posts on the forum. I have finally reached the needed SPT power (105K at the moment) to manually curate on Also, working on acquiring 50K Oneup (9000 UP now) next, inspired by the Cartel efforts. Bought 200K Level too, for PsiberX airdrop, as I also managed to round up 100 Hive to buy a piece of Land in their game.

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Also, if you are posting on Publish0x and blogs, and you liked the Chifibots game mentioned in the latest OneUp Cartel posts, there are still 4 prizes to be won if you want to get some of their NFT packs on this contest, open until the day they launch.

All the best,


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