03.09.2020 - Another day into Cryptoverse


  • In the deep of the night, Bitcoin reaches 12.000 USD mark, for the first time in the last two weeks, only to drop very fast to  11.700 USD. The market is going down, following their flagship crypto, except few odd tokens, Kusama (KSM) went up to 54 USD, after i was just noticing its jump from 3 to 30 dollars (+17%). Binancecoin (BNB) is also up 7%, and Tron (TRX) with all the hype that Justin is generating lately, is up 20%. 

  • Pornhub is accepting BTC and LTC, first major cryptocurrencies addopted by Pr0n industry. (Verge tried long time ago, but was not succesful).


  • According to Glassnode, Ethereum miners earned a record Half Million an hour from fees alone. Never been a better time to mine Ethereum. What Cefi? What DEFI? ETH mining is the word of the day, at least until the 2.0 version is coming. And given the problems they needed to deal with lately, it will not be here soon enough. Binance CEO even said that maybe they will increase the withdrawal fees if needed. Big, big problem! Correction, according to this article, the miners make 800.000 per hour, as per today. 


  • KIMCHI, a fork of SUSHI, inspired by PASTA, closely following YAM, just locked up half a billion (you are reading right, i said  BILLION) in only 4 hours after lunch. I will only invest in PIZZA. Is either that one or none of them. Hmm, i should start to build PIZZA right now. I only need 10 millions and i swear i make PIZZA great again. 


  • Care Bears jumped on the blockchain, as NFT, straight from '80s.


Have a nice day!



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