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My Crypto Portfolio Revealed!

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 27 Aug 2020

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Hello friends!

I've been meaning to do this for long time, but I finally feel confident enough with my choices to put my current crypto portfolio on record!

It may change next year, or it may change tomorrow...but for now, I'm feeling pretty good with what I have here. Please let me know what you agree and/or disagree with in the comments. I'd love to see where we differ!

Oh, and do we even need to say it anymore? I'm not a financial advisor. Don't listen to me.

ALRIGHT let's get into it:


[Diamond Hands Tier]

crypto portfolio

Bitcoin (BTC): 60%


Need I say more? I believe Bitcoin will gradually take over the role of gold in the global economy for countless reasons, but here are the main two that I always bring up in arguments with friends & family:

1. Do you trust the government to be responsible with finances?

2. Of the two most prominent opt-out options (Gold & Bitcoin), do you think young & upcoming investors will be more likely to spend their boomer inheritance on the digital option, or the physical one?


[Iron Hands Tier]

crypto portfolio

Basic Attention Token (BAT): 8%

  • Top-notch team
  • Clear use case that's ripe for disruption
  • Markets itself, since it's not only an awesome product, but every user has direct incentive to promote it to their friends and family

Cardano (ADA): 8%

  • Personally, I see the Cardano vs. Ethereum race as a tortoise & the hare situation. Obviously Ethereum has a huge lead right now, but smart contracts have barely scratched the surface of their adoption curve in the real world. I believe that years down the line, ALL companies and individuals will be using smart contracts regularly in some shape or form, and by then, Cardano will have caught up and passed Ethereum thanks to their academic, quality-over-speed development approach.
  • Also, staking! I can't wait to open up a new passive income stream, and ADA is my clear choice for doing that

Chainlink (LINK): 8%

  • Solves the biggest problem for the future of smart contracts, as brilliantly explained in this YT vid:


[Wooden Hands Tier]

crypto portfolio

Ethereum (ETH): 4%

  • If you're looking for a shocker, here you go! Putting the clear #2 crypto in the same tier with VeChain and Litecoin??? Yes. And here's why:

    There's no doubt that Ethereum has been killing it, and I don't doubt it will continue to do so. But in the long-term, I'm really riding with ADA over ETH. The more I read, the more I get the sense that Charles Hoskinson and friends are being low-key tactical wizards, letting Ethereum go out and make all the mistakes possible during the infancy stages of smart contract adoption. We'll all have to wait and see how things pan out, but at the end of the day, they're both under 10% of my portfolio. Sometimes you need to take a flier!

Litecoin (LTC): 4%

  • The winner of my Digital Cash Showdown post from yesterday.
  • When I think ahead to a future where crypto is the norm, I really don't think people will want to spend their Bitcoin on their daily expenditures (just like people don't pay for stuff with gold now). It has too much long-term value. Thus, I'm making my bet that LTC will be the more liquid coin, that people will use to buy that coffee and avocado toast each morning.

VeChain (VET): 4%

  • HUGE use case proposition. Supply chains are an absolutely massive industry, with huge problems under the status quo. It's ripe to get blown apart by blockchain solutions, and I believe VeChain has positioned itself as the clear leader in doing this.


[Paper Hands Tier]

crypto portfolio

Augur (REP): 2%

  • Massive use case proposition (Gambling & prediction markets = ~$550 Billion and growing)
  • Clear category leader

Enjin (ENJ): 2%

  • Massive use case proposition (Gaming market = ~200 Billion and growing)
  • Clear category leader:




60% Bitcoin (BTC)
8% Basic Attention Token (BAT)
8% Cardano (ADA)
8% Chainlink (LINK)
4% Ethereum (ETH)
4% Litecoin (LTC)
4% VeChain (VET)
2% Augur (REP)
2% Enjin (ENJ)


Alright gang, that's the list!


One of the coolest things about the crypto & altcoin community is that there isn't a single pair of people that have the same exact portfolio.

Please let me know how your HODL pot compares to mine in the comments! Can't wait to discuss our differences and similarities :D 



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