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Atomic Wallet Referral Program UPDATE

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 20 Aug 2020

Hello friends!

I've been a big fan of the Atomic Wallet ever since downloading it to withdraw my Publish0x earnings.

It looks great, has native staking, and has a fantastic user interface by my standards. But, there has always been one sore spot with it: The Referral Program.

atomic wallet

I've heard similar stories across the internet. People putting a lot of time into referring their friends, only to run into hassle with either:

1. Not receiving any AWC
2. Being forced into buying other coins ($BNB) to receive the reward
3. Running into problems when trying to transfer or transact with their reward

According to their support team, this has been largely due to too many cheaters taking advantage of the rewards system to siphen out AWC. This is unfortunate, but alas...a reality of generous referral programs across the crypto space. From Atomic's perspective, I can completely understand why they'd want to take a very safe position on this, and close the whole thing down to prevent excessive bleeding of their token.

However, even the most patient of people have been tested on this one, as I have while waiting over a month since receiving this message, with no sign of reward in sight. Some big-time referrers have begun to step back from their commitment to Atomic as well. I talked about this in more detail on my post covering the latest Publish0x updatebut in short, the site has been expanding their list of wallet recommendations to include not just Atomic, but MyCrypto, MEW, and Metamask as well (according to P0x CEO Dan Bainbridge).

Crypto platforms like Publish0x frequently rely on these referral rewards to maintain a financially-sustainable business model, so it's no wonder they have reason to be concerned about something which for many of us is just a small bonus.

SO, if you've been having a tough time receiving your referral reward with Atomic, you are certainly not alone. But is all hope lost for us getting our AWC payment in the near future?

AT LAST, good news has arrived!

Since sliding into their Twitter DMs back in July, I've continued to touch base with Atomic on their support email and Twitter. And this morning, I finally received the message I've been waiting for: 


Well then, that's straight and to-the-point enough for me!

Looks like this problem will be in the rear view mirrors for Atomic's referral rewards team soon enough, which is great news for all of us waiting to receive our AWC bonus.

If anyone else out there has received the same or different news, let me know in the comments. For now, I'm feeling optimistic that Atomic has successfully figured out this issue, and will come out the other side a stronger product for all of us.




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