ETH vs BAT: Which Publish0x token is the best?

ETH vs BAT: Which Publish0x token is the best?

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 31 May 2020

In a recent post, I made it known to everyone that Publish0x would be releasing a new token very, very soon. You can read that post here to find out all the details, but it turns out that Publish0x's creator accidently spilled the beans on Reddit!

So the new Publish0x token would be Ethereum, and that is great news for a lot of people, myself included. But there's already a sheriff in this Publish0x town, and his name is BAT. Everyone loves BAT, and for good reasons. There are literally blogs devoted to BAT, and the tag itself has over 3000 followers.

But would BAT be dethroned soon? Will the people love Ethereum more? Let's see in this post!

I'll create this post by pointing out the goods of BAT, the goods of Ethereum and their bad aspects as well. I'll then count the goods and bads to see who has the least bad aspects. The one with the least bad aspects will be the winner! But I'm not the people, and I need your votes to know for sure, so be sure to share this article with your Publish0x buddies so they can vote as well! 

Let's get started!



Since there are literally blogs devoted to this topic, I won't go all out stressing the goods of BAT, but I will put out its obvious benefits:

  • It pays it's users! This will always be number one.
  • It solves a very unique problem. No one else has thought of marrying crypto and the advertising industry, and BAT has done just that.
  • It's relatively cheap: This is great because when the cryptocurrency is cheap, it moves faster and gets you more money on smaller moves that would have been insignificant on larger, more expensive cryptos.
  • It brings with it a privacy respecting browser.
  • It trades EXTREMELY well. I'm yet to see another alt that obeys TA like this one!
  • It's a mid cap so it is a great entrant for the crypto new comers.
  • Continuous upgrades to its underlying code to ensure there are no scalability issues or any of that sort.
  • Brave bought back a lot of the tokens from the market. Should this keep up, we could have great things coming in the future.

These are the good aspects of BAT to me. Add yours down below if I forgot it, and I will add it to the post if it's not similar to any of the ones I have up there.

Now, let's go to the downsides.


  • Its price is correlated to Ethereum. This is a big, big bad, because BAT can be having a great day, and Ethereum could dump and lead to BAT dumping as well.
  • It is built on the Ethereum blockchain: This may not sound like a downside, but any problems with the sending or receiving of BAT have nothing to do with the company behind BAT, and everything to do with Ethereum and its blockchain.
  • The number of BAT tokens is said to be unlimited. While this is good as it means you have no cap on your earnings, it's bad for the long run because there would be nothing like scarcity of the token.

These are the bad aspects of BAT to me. Add yours down below if I forgot it, and I will add it to the post if it's not similar to any of the ones I have up there.


Now, on to the new boy in town: Ether.


  • It created smart contracts and is basically the father of decentralised finance.
  • It is the base on which ALL ERC-20 tokens and ERC-71 collectibles are run. Without Ethereum, BAT wouldn't even exist.
  • It's the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and is therefore not correlated to anything.
  • It determines the price of most alts. It's always great to have the determinant of prices in your wallet.
  • Continuous upgrades to its blockchain make it a worthy contender to any other cryptocurrency out there.
  • ETH 2.0 is coming, and that in itself is an advantage, as well as a big deal.
  • It's price is relatively low for a crypto that does so much good stuff.
  • Many dApps run on its blockchain. Most of these dApps have become big deals in the world, and Ethereum facilitated their construction. It still facilitates the construction of these dApps.

These are the good aspects of Ether to me. Add yours down below if I forgot it, and I will add it to the post if it's not similar to any of the ones I have up there.

Now on to the bad sides.


  • At times, it is correlated to Bitcoin very closely, which spells doom if Bitcoin falls.
  • Smart contracts aren't very secure or very efficient at this time, and although ETH 2.0 will address and fix these problems, they are here till then.
  • DeFi hacks happening all over the place deal a bad name to Ethereum.
  • It's tokenomics are confusing, be sure it seems that it will be created indefinitely, but also has an ending point to creation of tokens.

Now that we have all the points laid out, who won?

Well, I know that BAT has more good sides than ETH, but to me, I'd prefer ETH since BAT is a derivative of ETH anyway. 

But what do you guys think?

Those are my arguments guys! Who do you think won? Tell me down below, and remember to follow me for more posts like this once a day! 



In the eternal quest for crypto fulfilment. I'm an obese frog on the internet, what I say most definitely isn't financial advice.

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