Ethereum is coming to Publish0x!

Ethereum is coming to Publish0x!

By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 30 May 2020

I was just getting off my computer after trading for the day, and I decided to pop into the Publish0x telegram group. There I saw a message from Igor Tomic, the COO of Publish0x.

In that message was a screenshot of a very important piece of news. Here, check it out:


I've underlined the important part!

That message is from Dan Bainbridge, the founder of this here site! 

This message means a lot to the community here on Publish0x. First, because so many people just don't like Loopring, there is now am alternative.

Second, as Ethereum is setting its viewfinder on the moon, it's only right to have at least a few tokens of the stuff sitting in your wallet.

Equally, Ether is a very strong base cryptocurrency, the second cryptocurrency by market cap, and a direct competitor to Bitcoin, the only one that has lasted long and retained value. It's an extremely welcome option.

Given that Publish0x runs on smart contracts, there would definitely be no hiccups in the payment of Ethereum, as Ethereum is the father of smart contracts!

What do you guys think? Is this a great addition to the list of tipping tokens? Let me he's your opinions down below!

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