Crypto markets are pumping. Let's take a look at BAT, BTC and others!

Crypto markets are pumping. Let's take a look at BAT, BTC and others!

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 7 Jul 2020

I wanted to update you guys yesterday on the happenings in the crypto market, but I was too busy monitoring my trades.(Ps: You can find my trades and all my profitable calls here!)

I entered a couple of trades yesterday, including: DOGE ,AVA, FTM and a few others.

Let's talk about some of the Publish0x tokens, and whether you should have a bag of them.


Not a Publish0x token, but we can all learn something from this coin. It was in a long term accumulation with its MAs in order. I will explain the concept of MAs being in order in my Telegram group up top, but essentially, the MAs and EMAs must move with price.

DOGE was in a falling wedge, but once its MAs got out of order, it became a freakshow of bull runs. My good friend and fellow trader @JackSparrowBTC on twitter was the one to point out DOGE to me. Give him a follow on Twitter!

Basically, you can catch trends with EMAs by building a strategy around catching trends. I will send out an article on how to do it very soon, so follow if you're interested!

I built my strategy around this, and once my friend gave me the heads up, I bought some DOGE and I'm up 17% now! An example of getting preparation and discipline in order.

Now let's go on to the other Publish0x tokens.

BAT: An example of how all the MAs are in order. Seriously, if you don't have a bag of BAT or you've been converting your BAT to anything else, you definitely don't want to make money. 

The longest consolidations are usually the best and most explosive ones, and this one has definitely been long.

DOGE is an example of massive consolidations(679 days), and if it crosses one last resistance, it's hello alt season again.

BAT is also an example of a very long consolidation, and it's bound to break out very soon. Seriously, to should have a bag of this. I'm telling you!


LRC has pumped a lot since March(an average of 78% a month!) and I feel that it's in a consolidation range right now. There are two types of consolidation:

  • Continuation consolidation: When a coin pumps a bit, consolidates for a while and then continues pumping. That consolidation is to get fresh money into the coin to continue the pump. Also for FOMO buyers to lose money.🌛
  • Reversal consolidation:When a coin pumps, consolidates for the big money to get out, and then dumps. very visible in coins like MATIC and RSR(in 2018)

LRC in my opinion is in a continuation consolidation. Although it has gone on for longer than usual, it is still a continuation one. Expansion comes with price discovery, and we'll soon see price discovery. 

Watch out for this one too guys!


ETH is the grand daddy of altcoins, and it will soon show. It's experiencing a multi year resistance, but it's been poking out its head on the weekly. A weekly close above that area and this one will see some big, big gains. I'll write a post on this topic later today, so please follow if you want to see it.

That's it for the coins I'm watching right now. I usually go for big gains over a longer period, rather than small gains in short periods.

What coins are you guys watching? Let me know down below 

Thanks for reading.


In the eternal quest for crypto fulfilment. I'm an obese frog on the internet, what I say most definitely isn't financial advice.

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