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Cryptowriter: HORIZEN GLOBAL: ZENDOO Sidechain Technology

Horizen is an extremely great project with a large variety of quality innovations that I have skimmed over during my past two Horizen articles. While I wanted to focus on more details within the other two articles, I did not feel I could properly do justice to the project by merely supplying minimal information about a handful of things. Thus we will be focusing on one of the more unique aspects of the Horizen project, Zendoo Sidechains, and everything that's involved with the technology.

“Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go.“

~Steven Jeffes

The innovation of the Zendoo sidechain is entirely revolutionary for developers as they are an excellent scaling solution allowing parallel platform and application layers that supplement the mainchain with minimal negative impact. The platform utilizes the most efficient protocol to allow for the Zendoo architecture to provide developers with the most functionality without design restrictions. The added benefits of the sidechain technology are to utilize the mainchain as a sidechain system check while maintaining the specified rules while providing enhanced modularization. The sidechains built with Zendoo are extremely scalable and provide the freedom to design applications without the hindrance of future changes so long as they conform to standards. 

Although the sidechains are fully integrated with the mainchain, the mainchain merely acts as the anchor for the sidechain growth. By this I mean, the mainchain is protected through a PoW mechanism to maximize security that also protects its sidechains that utilize the PoS mechanisms allowing for ultra-low costs for transaction and development. This benefit coupled with the fact that the sidechains are each their own full blockchain application requiring the full suite of easy coding necessities. Utilizing SDK that Horizen developed for Zendoo developers do not have to worry about the numerous other requirements that can hinder development with simple time-consuming tasks. 

Furthermore, Horizen equipped Zendoo with a novel sidechain consensus mechanism which allows for interoperability with other sidechains or other blockchains in the future. This Decoupled consensus mechanism works between chains and sidechains to allow for completely secure and decentralized transfers cross-chains without requiring verification from the mainchain. While this mechanism is certainly novel and will be a great new tool it seems it has not quite been launched yet, according to their webpage which states:

The Zendoo construction requires modifications in the mainchain core consensus protocol to enable cross-chain transfers but once implemented, it will allow deploying many sidechains in a reliable way.”

Fortunately, there should not be much of a wait to see the utilization of this really unique feature for the Zendoo sidechains. The CCTP or Cross Chain Transfer Protocol is already developed and it seems the only thing needed is the change to the mainchain core consensus protocol for the CCTP to be implemented and utilized by sidechains.    

The novelty of the consensus mechanism along with the CCTP for sidechains enables extreme interoperability while having virtually no impact on the mainchain. The main purpose of CCTP is to enable sidechain interoperability without the need for the mainchain to verify each transaction. As one should expect, utilizing a self-verifying mechanism for sidechain transactions without mainchain verification will greatly improve transaction speeds, costs, and allow for even further growth. This is one thing that can be compared to the utilization of ERC-20 tokens that leverage the Ethereum blockchain, they all have extremely high costs for transactions due to the inability to verify transactions without the Ethereum mainchain. Just imagine for a second if ERC-20 tokens were now all tokens from the Zendoo sidechains, these transactions would have no hindrance on the mainchain, thus an increase in sidechain activity creates no increase in transaction cost or time. 

Not only do the sidechains have the protection of the mainchain large decentralized node network from 51% attacks, but also added protection from an upgraded Nakamono consensus which has a built-in penalty mechanism. The network is a TLS end-to-end encrypted ecosystem that provides enhanced security for transactions between nodes, while also utilizing SDK for interoperability and enterprise-grade privacy. The Zendoo sidechain network is absolutely an innovation above the rest and I for one am a long-term supporter of this extremely driven project.   


Thank you for taking the time to read my article!

If you have any questions or comments about the article please feel free to comment! 

~ Trever Russell



I am not associated with the Horizen project and this information is merely me sharing my interest in the project.
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