Most Extensive Guide to Stoking the Fire with FireFaucet! Payment Proof Included*

 Ask and You Shall Receive: FireFaucet Guide!

I have received some comments about my favorite faucet recently which, to no real surprise, some people have not been able to achieve the 7,000-10,000 Sat's a day which I have touted as achievable. For those of you who are new to FireFaucet just click the link to sign up if you'd like or you can click HERE.


For the few that asked questions this is for you, you know who you are! There really isn't a whole lot it's just different! 


STEP 1: SIGN UP Obviously if you haven't done so already that is first! 


STEP 2: In order to get the faucet started you need to earn the ACP (Auto Claim Points) from many many many ways but to get the faucet rolling you can start with the Daily Rewards (Present Box), PTC, or my least favorite The ACP Faucet. 

First ACP


Once you have some ACP to get the faucet rolling click on the Lightning Bolt from the God Zeus himself in the top right corner of the next image this will take you to the auto faucet page where ACP is burned in return for as seen in the image above or text below. 





STEP 3: The Lightning Bolt from the God Zeus himself will take you to the Auto Claim Page where Zeus bestows cryptocurrency on those who sacrifice their ACP and on this page you can make changes such as getting 4X payout every minute and changing which currencies are being rewarded for the ACP. As you can see in the image below I have circled the important parts that I just mentioned, I also circled the 4 satoshi on bitcoin I earned that minute and to do that you have to go to the bottom of the page and click PAYOUT BOOST and select 4X. This will burn ACP 4X faster as well as give you 4X the payout. 




STEP 4: Actually earning ACP from offers by clicking the offerwall which will take you to the next image where I personally ONLY EVER USE TheoremReach Surveys. Now here is the key factors to get the most ACP even if you get disqualified right at the start of the survey, TheoremReach pays out 400ACP no matter if you are disqualified or not but they also pay based on time in a survey (for most surveys). 

Example: Select a survey that is 10 minutes in length and pays 98,000 ACP (real example from yesterday), once in the official survey wait 8-10 minutes before starting survey don't even answer the first questions just wait until time is almost up. AFTER 8-10 minutes Answer the first questions (typically general qualification questions). Well I got disqualified but got paid 34,000 ACP yes that's right I still got about 1/3rd of the payout and while I was waiting for the time I was taking a survey that I did not get disqualified from.   



STEP 5: I personally get a minimum of 3000 ACP per day that way I can collect 50 sat's from the Task button on the dashboard, you also earn ACP from completing daily tasks but I never do the ACP faucet (only pop up ad on the entire website) or the Shortlinks neither of which I think are worth the time. I also will typically get enough ACP in a sitting to run the auto faucet for 24 hours minimum since I let it run 24/7.




STEP 6: This is a very key step because the auto claim page requires the webpage to always be "active" so it took some tinkering with my computer settings to have it run 24/7 but I essentially just set my setting to never sleep or hibernate or even shut off the screen while plugged in (if it's not plugged in I am on it). Obviously the reason this is important is to get the most out of the faucet in the absolute shortest amount of time so every minute the page can refresh every minute you will earn more crypto!!! As shown in the image below HAPPY HOUR on the weekends (4 times) they do happy hour and every claim every minute gets +50% this is the rare time where I will actually claim every coin and not just my main 3. 



The first payment requires a 24-48hr verification time (I actually got banned and others have as well during this time) if this happen just stay calm, start a claim ticket to speak with a moderator and just answer the questions and you will be right back in!!! 

but don't let that stop you PAYMENT PROOF IS NEXT!!








With Overall Totals Below



Well that's about all folks, it's by far the easiest and fastest earning website I have ever found considering it's only been 3 1/2 months since I first joined. 


Feel free to tip yourself and add a thumbs up if you please! 


PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS I am literally here to help YOU earn the most from FireFaucet! 

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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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