Cred Earn screwed us!

By Pwoseidon | Crypto Discussions | 20 Mar 2021

For little fish in the pond — like myself — Cred Earn seemed a saving grace. Then it all came crashing down as the veil lifted.

A Ponzi scheme. A ****ing PONZI SCHEME?

When they announced bankruptcy, fear swirled, the uncertainty. Then shone a glimmer of hope as Cred announced that we may claim our sums left in their hands. Short lived was that... Cred sent out forms filled with jargon that only a lawyer could understand...

To reclaim your money you NEEDED a lawyer. For little fish, such as myself, the cost of a lawyer would greatly exceed the sum held by Cred. T’was not worth it. That must’ve been their tactic. Scare away the little fish so they could deal with the sharks and whales.


I’m still bitter about Cred, that scam! Hope they burn in H***.





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