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Thomas J. Benedict

Why Naruto Is Good

9 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Thomas J. Benedict

One fateful night, the ‘Nine-Tail Fox’ demon’s roar trembled the Hidden Leaf Village, hatred and destruction in its heart. Many Hidden Leaf Ninja died in battle against the Fox. However, the Village leader, the Hokage, scarified himself to seal away...

Cred Earn -- Is our money safe?

9 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Thomas J. Benedict

    As you may have heard, CredEarn—a company allowing interest be earned from crypto currency; previously in partnership with Uphold—has filed for “Chapter 11 bankruptcy to maximize its assets.” What the heck is going on? The company has been tight...

Little Cloud (very short poem)

27 Aug 2019 1 minute read 1 comment Thomas J. Benedict

Little Cloud, born to the moon and stars was he, fell as rain, a renegade, unknowing where to belong.   Earth or sky? He agonized.   The duality splintered Little Cloud's ice-crystal heart ... and mind.   -Thomas J. Benedict       This is a very s...

Save Money on Flights

27 Aug 2019 1 minute read 2 comments Thomas J. Benedict

Travelling is an enriching experience for the soul, but the cost of flights often break the wallet (especially if you're a student like myself).     I've developed an approach to booking flights that will save you tons of money: 1) Go to

Floss Teeth to Buy More Cryptocurrency

27 Aug 2019 1 minute read 1 comment Thomas J. Benedict

  What is the scariest aspect of a dental visit? ... According to a twitter poll (Resource 1 below), most people fear the bill ... for good reason. You sit in the dental chair, hygienist cleans your teeth, dentist looks inside and maybe does some wor...


A Poem on Fungal Context

26 Aug 2019 HarmonyMedia

27 August 2019
Nice poem =] I write poetry too. Quite a nice art addition to publish0x

$200 in $BAT Publish0x Writing Contest: #SwitchToBrave

11 Aug 2019 Igor Tomić

27 August 2019
Oh awesome, thank you so much!

$200 in $BAT Publish0x Writing Contest: #SwitchToBrave

11 Aug 2019 Igor Tomić

27 August 2019
Hi, I have a question and don't know where else to ask it. I'd like to post some of my other work that's published on another website (I wrote it, I own the Copyrights), is that allowed? Thank you

10 Reasons to #SwitchToBrave

22 Aug 2019 Cryptolohy

27 August 2019
Great article! I agree, Brave is a great browser

How to Write a Book

25 Aug 2019 Hope E Davis

27 August 2019
Great article! I'm a writer as well, follow me on Twitter @TJ_Benedict -- I folow back all writers :) Cheers

Ethereum is Now Having Its Biggest Bear Time Since 2015 - Best Time To Buy

25 Aug 2019 CryptoChartWizard91

25 August 2019
Interesting article! [Twitter: TJ_Benedict]

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