HYDRO - Why Is This Coin And Company With Mega Partnerships So Undervalued?

HYDRO - Why Is This Coin And Company With Mega Partnerships So Undervalued?

By JLettermanMB | Crypto Cranny | 17 Dec 2019

Just the other day, I was looking up new ICOs and thinking about current coin projects that have the potential to moon over time. Searching for information and upcoming airdrops, it suddenly hit me. I need to write a post about HYDRO. All things considered, I think one of the sleeping giants is right under our noses at Publish0x. 

We have all bumped into the opportunity, I believe, of a lifetime. We earn HYDRO by writing posts and tipping fellow authors. Numerous updates by the HYDRO team show promising results, and the coin has a reputation in the crypto economy that dwarfs its price and market cap. In other words, the company is undervalued.  

As an avid investor, I spend a lot of time contemplating moves and evaluating current holdings. I am a long-time investor in the stock market and am new to crypto. I have dove in head first looking at all the opportunities, and there are many to be sure. 


With traditional investing, I use margin, buy up 100 block shares and write covered calls, primarily. Over the years, I feel that God has directed me towards some major moves. For example, back in 2009, Sirius XM was on the verge of bankruptcy and selling for 13 cents a share.

I sat on campus at Texas State knowing that this was a great opportunity. I bought in at 13 cents a share using the small amount of money I had as a student. I convinced my sister to invest, and she made a substantial amount of money. Ultimately, it was one of the biggest market moves of the decade. 

Right before Sirius XM was to declare bankruptcy, the CEO of Liberty Media stepped in and bailed the company out. The rescue effort helped the company survive and then its continued growth over the years made it a long-term play as well. The company now pays a meager dividend to boot. 


Of course there were a lot of big plays stemming from the 2008 financial crisis. You could have invested in a basket of blue chip stocks at that point and made a substantial return over the last decade. Why am I talking about all of this when I want to tell you more about HYDRO? I will get to that in a minute. 

First, I want to tell you about a more recent move in the market. I noticed a distressed company, Turtle Beach, selling at 48 cents a share. God told me as well that this company would turn around. Months later, the company did a 1 for 4 reverse split. Almost always, reverse splits do not work out to the advantage of investors nor the company. 

This time, however, the reverse split worked beautifully. The company issued a press release on the wings of the reverse split, and I should add that a diligent investor would have noticed that their sales were going through the roof. Increased revenue, however, was masked at the time by debt from another business venture. 

Regardless, the stock skyrocketed quickly following the reverse split, and an investment mentor friend of mine made good money. I had told him about the play, and he had bought in proportionately. I made a little, too. 

You might be asking yourself after getting that type of news twice from God why I didn’t make substantial amounts myself each time. I’m doing quite nicely today, and the knowledge God has bestowed upon me has helped others. 

We are always listening and learning, and at the time, I had to grow as an investor and as a person managing my own finances. It takes money to make money. Currently, I am doing that and God’s blessings are more than I could have ever imagined. 

Most times, I had been looking for and listening for big moves. But knowledgeable investors know that the market is more than just about the ups and downs. I have learned to maximize returns with margin and options, and I have continued to grow as an investor. 


Life is a journey, and I have explained some of my own to you. At this current stage, I do not even look at penny stocks. But that is precisely the point I’m trying to make. That is when God turned me to the crypto space, and well, with some of these coins, that’s precisely what we’re dealing with, the equivalent of penny stocks, as close as it comes anyway. 

The difference between the stock market and the crypto economy is that crypto is in its infancy. Opportunities abound to be sure, but of course that doesn’t mean you want to scramble to buy up everything. You have to invest proportionately, according to your own net worth and risk tolerance. 


I’m certainly a risk taker. What’s great about the crypto space, too, is that there are ways to earn digital assets in your spare time. People are so concerned with BTC spikes and dips, but it can’t be overstated that the crypto economy as a whole is extremely new. Patiently building up a portfolio of assets would seem to be a very profitable decision over time. 

I’ve written several posts at this point and have mentioned certain coins that have my interest. I maintain a Trust Wallet and an Exodus Wallet, and I consider Nexo to be my crypto bank. I use quite a few crypto apps and am always looking for the next opportunity. I stumbled upon Publish0x, and it fit right in with what I do.

For the past 8+ years, I have been in business for myself writing site content, articles and eBooks as a ghostwriter. I figured to dive further into the crypto sphere, why not establish myself with Publish0x and write a post a week to earn some extra crypto to HODL. 

I have enjoyed reading other people’s posts and have learned from many of you. I have enjoyed discussing my own ideas and seeing the feedback from readers. And it was this past week when I realized that one of the biggest projects yet to be fully appreciated is right under our noses. 

I’m not going to provide the analysis or talk about company development. I want you to do your own due diligence, and quite frankly, that information is already posted. I’m simply hoping that more of you realize that your involvement with Publish0x gives you a foothold to earn a coin that could seriously be a huge asset in time.

Hydro Labs is proud to announce a new partnership with plasma infrastructure provider OmiseGO. This partnership will ensure that Hydro Pay transactions are no longer bottlenecked by Ethereum scalability issues. Users of the peer-to-peer (P2P) payments app can make instant transactions even when the Ethereum network is congested. - Hydro Labs

I’m certainly intrigued by the frequent updates released by the HYDRO team. I’m excited when I see more HYDRO hit my Trust Wallet. I feel like in the crypto space, I get to build something from the ground up all over again, while I still continue to build my traditional investment  portfolio at the same time.  I certainly have lots of room for growth there as well.

Publish0x gives us the opportunity to read and write and earn BAT, DAI and HYDRO. I exchange my BAT to increase other crypto holdings, and I enjoy staking stablecoins for interest with NEXO. I had simply considered the HYDRO an extra bonus and it wasn’t until this last week, days after my first HYDRO withdrawal, that I felt that sudden realization from God that it might be one of the biggest plays out there right now. When God speaks, I listen. I try to do my best anyway.

As for the details, they are impossible to know. We certainly can’t tell the future in that way. But I hope that many of you are as excited to hold this coin as I am. I truly believe God told me that this project will be a success. That’s as much as I’m good for folks. I just want to bring your attention to the opportunity that is right under your noses. Happy investing!


I am a ghostwriter, investor and foodie. I enjoy learning about the crypto world, and I am continuously seeking out new opportunities.

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