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My personal opinions and analysis of my the crypto projects that I follow. Not a financial advice.

Ampleforth Price & Market Cap Analysis - $AMPL Positive Rebases Return. Where Are We Headed?

6 May 2021 6 minute read 3 comments CryptoChartWizard91

Hello traders!  It’s been a while, but I’m back again with another Ampleforth analysis for you. If you have been tracking $AMPL over the past five weeks, you will know that things are starting to heat up quite considerably. It feels as if the second...

$FARM is Set for New Heights in April 2021

2 Apr 2021 4 minute read 2 comments CryptoChartWizard91

Despite the immense rampage the team has been on, Harvest Finance is still only ranked in the 293rd position as it holds a ~$150million market cap value. On top of that the Total Value Locked has continued to climb and it is still holding above $537...

What are the next Stops for $BTC & $ETH in 2021?

14 Feb 2021 4 minute read 2 comments CryptoChartWizard91

The cryptocurrency market is absolutely BOOMING right now...there is no other way to describe it. The entire industry’s total market cap first surpassed the $1 trillion level in early January 2021. Since then, it has grown by another $500 billion, br...

$LRC is Set for Incredible Growth in 2021

11 Feb 2021 4 minute read 8 comments CryptoChartWizard91

If you are looking for a project that is set up for some incredible growth this year, then I have the perfect one for you to look into. As you may know, Ethereum transaction fees have started to go through the roof. We thought they were pretty expens...

$AMPL Enters the 3rd Expansion Cycle

4 Feb 2021 4 minute read 10 comments CryptoChartWizard91

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped a post stating that $AMPL was ready for another rebound. Two weeks later, the cryptocurrency has surged back above $1.06 and has entered back into positive rebasing territory again. This brings up an interesting propo...

In Retrospect, $FARM Rebound Was Inevitable

3 Feb 2021 3 minute read 1 comment CryptoChartWizard91

13 days ago, I released this piece detailing how $FARM was set for a rebound. $FARM was barely @ $119 at that time. As Elon said; It was Inevitable. The fundamentals that I outlined in the last piece were so strong behind $FARM. It seemed that the pr...

$FARM is set for a Rebound - Deep Analysis

20 Jan 2021 4 minute read 7 comments CryptoChartWizard91

Remember this post?  $AMPL is set for a Rebound - Deep Analysis It was spot on. I released it on January 13th, and the price of AMPL did rebound to break back beyond $1.10. I totally nailed it. Now, here's what's coming up next; $FARM The token behin...

$AMPL is set for a Rebound - Deep Analysis

13 Jan 2021 4 minute read 7 comments CryptoChartWizard91

If you have been following $AMPL  over the past month, you might have noticed that it has been pretty quiet as it mainly sat within negative rebase territory. In fact, since around December 9th, 2020, all AMPL holders saw 40% days of negative rebases...

 BTC, ETH & BNB Price Outlook for Q1 2021 

7 Jan 2021 4 minute read 6 comments CryptoChartWizard91

It finally happened! The total market cap for the entire cryptocurrency market breached the magical $1 trillion threshold today, making it a day to put down in your diary to celebrate next year. The majority of the market cap is dominated by BTC, whi...

BTC $20K & ETH $800 Incoming? 

22 Nov 2020 6 minute read 3 comments CryptoChartWizard91

Another crazy week passes by in the cryptocurrency markets, with Bitcoin surging by another 16% to finally hit the $19,000 level. The cryptocurrency has since dropped slightly toward $18,500, but the bullish presence is alive and kicking within the m...