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By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 20 May 2020

Hello everyone!

In my previous article I introduce you to Eco Smart Contract and I unveil this business opportunity.


Nowadays, with the emergence of Cryptocurrencies, a new trend has become popular: investment opportunities have opened up to a larger public. We no longer need to have big capital to invest, we also have access to an almost endless list of opportunities!


Investments in the world of Cryptocurrencies are so much more interesting than 'investments with a standard money/bank system'.


The financial system, as we have known it for decades, imposes many constraints:

  • A large amount of funds must be available immediately
  • We have to wait at least a year before we can make any profit from this investment
  • Profits are generally low percentages
  • High transaction costs and long transfer times

Investing in Cryptocurrencies it's:

  • Low capital requirements
  • Strict traceability of transactions
  • Dividends that are paid daily, weekly or monthly
  • Significant profits!
  • Ultra-fast transactions and minimum fees


To come back to Eco Smart, the minimum investment is 5050 TRX (5000 TRX + 50 TRX fixed oracle fees, about 80$, which will then be converted into ECS Token), for a Plan AEvery Monday you will receive directly on your TRX Wallet the dividends of this investment, for as long as you wish.


On Monday 18th May at 18:00 UTC, the payment of last week's dividends for all current Eco Smart investors took place. The next dividend distribution will take place on May 25th at 18:00 UTC.

Here are some figures to summarize:

  • Number of users: 10 358
  • Total invested (since the beginning): 79,8 Million TRX
  • Total commission: 36 Million TRX
  • Total Dividends: 3,17 Million TRX


What is very interesting in the Eco Smart system is that every week (on Saturday) the number of available ECS Tokens decreases (because there are also more investors and the quantity of Tokens is limited), which means that the more we wait, the less ECS Tokens we will have when we buy Plan A B or C (dividends are calculated on the number of ECS you hold, for example, 2 weeks ago, you would have earned 0. 0293 TRX for 1 ECS Token, last week 0.0303 TRX for 1 ECS Token ), this is because only 1 Billion ECS are available, 500 million are for the community, and so far just over 100 Million ECS Token have been distributed

They are applying a concept as old as the world "First come, first served".


The project has been launched since April 12th, we are now entering the 6th week, and for 5050 TRX, you will get 5472 ECS Token (the previous week you would have had 5760 ECS, the week before 6400 ECS).


In addition to the dividends you can earn, for an unlimited period of time, you have another possibility to earn Tron (TRX), which you can then use to increase your dividend earnings (if you invest in two Plan A, they you are sure that you will earn two times the same amount of dividends), or get them back on your personal TRX Wallet and do whatever you want with them.

Bringing a new investor to Eco Smart, you will earn 450 TRX, if he or she invests 5050 TRX (you can earn up to 1800 TRX), on a single person who has followed your Parent link to become a new investor in Eco Smart.


We have just started a new dividend cycle, make the right decisions to maximize your earnings with Eco Smart

We're in a win-win business:

  • You invest a small amount → Eco Smart pays you weekly dividends
  • Helping you grow the investor network → Eco Smart pays you great rewards

It's up to you to know when you too want to join this adventure. Please note that registration is only done through a Parent link (and no one can start without this link).


Feel free to join us on Telegram (French Telegram Channel). Greet me if you see me there :), and say you come from me (@Chriss)


Christophe WILHELM

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