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Are YOU REALLY ready for Passive Income ?

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Are you interested in passive income? When I say PASSIVE INCOME! I'm talking about something real, quantifiable! An income that doesn't require you to look at your monitors all day long!An income that does not force you to pray to any god in the hop...

FLAT.FM alliance between Unlimited Streaming & Cryptocurrencies

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Since a few years the world of music has been changing, it evolving, we consume music daily and by means that are different from those of our parents   Our parents listened to the radio, they bought K7 Audios, but also CD's and Vinyles (although the...

Note Blockchain - News & Update

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Hello, hello, everyone!   Ethan Shen, founder of Note Blockchain and his team are working hard to provide you with even more features with NOTE Wanting to be faithful to his convictions, Ethan Shen still wants to place you, at the center of his proj...

What are crypto dividends?

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What are crypto dividends? Standard dividends, by definition, are the distribution of a profit from part of a company’s revenue. The payment is usually distributed among corporate stakeholders. While the managing distribution of dividends is being...

What are masternodes?

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What is a masternode? Masternode is a full node (and full node is simply as a computer in a network that has a complete, current copy of the blockchain ledger) or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the Blockchain and updates it in real-t...

Why should you opt for Staking?

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Good morning/evening, everyone! Today we live in a world where the Society is increasingly governed by cryptocurrencies, currently nearly 3000 different Cryptos are in use and increasingly used in our daily transactions Cryptocurrencies eliminate th...

What are the advantages of joining MyCointainer Community

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Good morning, everyone!   For barely 1 month now, MyCointainer has opened its newest community portal, intended for the MyCointainer community On this one you can: Visit MyCointainer website Inform you of the latest updates Participate in surveys Tak...

MyCointainer - Staking platform

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  Hello, today let me introduce you to the MyCointainer website   As you may already know, current technologies are evolving exponentially, and many of us are quickly outdated, if we don't keep up with the times, and gradually we are leaving a variet...

Comment Rapids va-t'il révolutionner l'utilisation des Réseaux Sociaux ?

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Pour en savoir plus, il faut remonter un peut plus loin dans l'histoire, la où tout a commencer !     Il y à 22 000 ans l'homme de Cro-Magnon apprend a compter, il développe ainsi la notion de Nombres Il y à environ 5 000 ans, l'Homme invente l'écrit...

Minter Guide #1

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Minter Guide #1 The Consulnews team is launching a new section called “Minter Guide” in which we will tell and show: how to buy, sell, exchange or create coins; how to delegate to validator nodes; what should be taken into account by a novice in...