DappStats, the very first DApp analysis site that rewards its users

DappStats, the very first DApp analysis site that rewards its users

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 28 May 2020

Hello everyone!

Do you know DappStats?

This brand new Dapps analysis service, launched in September 2019, breaks the codes established by other sites of this kind, optimizing the user experience on several points


First and most importantly, DappStats want to focus this platform for the community. To allow everyone to have the information as quickly as possible so that they never miss an update, a new Dapp, an offer, or an opportunity.

With a community presence that is active on Telegram, but also on other Social Networks. Whether it is for help, advice, support, or simply to accompany you if you are a new Dapps user, the DappStats community is there for you, and to answer all your questions.


The second point, which is also important, DappStats is the very first Dapps analysis site that pays its users!

Their desire is to share 65% (55% goes to dividend pool and 10% is used as an investment fund to further help boost dividends ) of the revenues generated by the platform, which is shared with the DST (DappStats Token) holders.

So far, no other similar platform offers this opportunity. And what's more, DST can directly be bought from the site and frozen to start receiving daily dividends in TRX - The perfect combination of Dapps usage and passive income.


DappStats offers us a complete tool, with more than 1800 Dapps analyzed and listed on their site. And to facilitate the navigation of visitors, DappStats provides complete, simple, and understandable information, regularly updated.

One of the strengths of this platform is that it is multi Blockchain, you have access to a large catalog of Dapps on Tron Blockchains, Ethereum and the lastest one to arrive: IOST.


DappStats its' also a mobile browser friendly, to allow you to access all your favorite Dapps wherever you are.


DappStats Partner platform DappsBuzz, where you will have access to more informations and details about the Dapps you are interested in, and you will be able to interact directly in the comments.


DappStats also offers an Instant Exchange with a wide choice of Pairs, to simplify the exchange between Cryptocurrencies, always with a view to optimizing the user's experience.


And last but not least, DappStats offers you the opportunity to be part of a VIP Group, with unique advantages:

  • Welcome gift in DST
  • Airdrop, Tokens, or In-game items
  • 10% Discount on the Merch store
  • Cashbacks
  • And many other services

The era of the Dapps analysis platform monopole is over, to stand out we must innovate.

And it is the one that will be closest to its community, as well as its users, that will be able to provide more and more content, services and rewards for its members.


DappStats understood this very quickly, and offers you everything you need, the best Dapps, on the best Blockchain, and rewards you for their use.


Join us on Telegram If you would like to know more

See you soon

Christophe WILHELM

I currently have an agreement with DappStats, which gives me the right to publish, republish, on their behalf.

If you have any questions or if you believe there is copyright infringement, please contact DappStats directly here 

Credits photo: https://www.dappstats.com/


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