Thinking about quitting Publish0x

Thinking about quitting Publish0x

I state that I am not a professional writer, but I like writing (and I like being paid to do it even more). In the last month I have written an article every 36 hours on average, here on Publish0x. I've summarized them all in this post. I got a lot of views (15.880), many of them due to the fact that I promptly published the solutions to the Coinmarketcap-earn quizzes. In summary, however, my monthly earnings were below $5. Not bad for me that I've never earned anything to write, but is it worth it to continue to commit time for $5 a month?

Many of you will say no!


I approached Publish0x a year and a half ago. At the time, I wasn't very expert in cryptocurrencies, but micro-earnings that are only possible in the crypto-universe have always attracted me. These are passive income that can be received with very small tricks. Publish0x allows me to receive a small monthly income with which I certainly cannot support myself, but only goes to accumulate other income that I have. However, the fact remains that the many hours I dedicate to writing do not correspond to an adequate remuneration. (..Are we really sure?)

There are two factors that make me doubt and now I will explain them to you.

1- Publish0x, as you know, rewards those who write and those who tip with tokens that vary over time. LRC, DAI, BAT, ETH, FARM and AMPL are among them. If you use the platform every day you accumulate small amounts of each of these and, with the exception of stablecoins like DAI, the value can increase over time! Proof of this is Loopring (LRC), thanks to which I managed to accumulate about $100, which I converted a few months ago, when its price was high. In the end it can be considered as a micro accumulation plan on different coins: it is as if we bought a very small part of it every day, mediating the price. What if LRC goes to 10$? 

2- Have you ever heard of the FORTH token and its airdrop? If on March 30, 2021 AMPL was held in a wallet (no exchange), it is possible to claim an airdrop at this link. Forth has peaked above $60. I have to be honest, I would never have bought or met Ampleforth if Publish0x hadn't used it as a tipping-token and that's why this airdrop paid me back a year of work.


My Final Words

That's why I don't think I will leave this site, not in the short term at least. I am confident that the alt-season has not fully arrived yet and only when what I have received from Publish0x reaches a considerable sum will I sell. Receiving a small income is never wrong, but you need to know how to dedicate the right time to it because time is money. I've learned to manage my time productively and only write when I can't do something more profitable. I have converted the time I used before for minor things to writing and I see that this has brought me an improvement.




And what do you think about it? Have you ever considered starting writing?



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