Last articles - what you must not miss #4

This month I wrote 19 posts in 30 days. I think it's my record. I am happy to summarize and share it because I find them very interesting from a scientific point of view and some are also good advice to scrape together some coins. Here is the complete list divided into sections.


Scientific posts and reviews

Strengthening mental activity in trading - a pharmacist's review

My DeFi Experience: Pancakeswap and Trust Wallet

My DeFi expeience #2: Osmosis Zone on Cosmos

How to discover new your wallet!

Golden cross is coming

My CeFi experience: BlockFi


Articles of a reflective nature

Pros and cons of leading multicoin cell phone wallets 📲

Bitcoin & Hungarian people 🇭🇺

What if.. Bitcoin goes to $0?



Harvest Finance on Coinbase 🚜

ScamAlert! 🚨

You can now use your Coinmarketcap Diamond

$SHIB hodlers, come to me!

Polygon on your Trust Wallet


Coinmarketcap Earn

Coinmarketcap-earn deserves its own section. I have written about many campaigns promoted by this site to help those who want to accumulate some cryptocurrencies by reporting the answers to the quiz questions. The rewards range from 2 to 5 dollars which are not many but when added together they become a considerable amount.

Let's go now to see in detail what these opportunities were, without forgetting that some of these are still valid and you can take advantage of them. Before doing this, I leave you an effective tool to check if you have received the reward, in case you have participated in a Coinmarketcap campaign.

From this link you can check the token distribution status of past campaigns.



As you can see, there have been many earning opportunities in the last 30 days. I usually post updates on my blog The Microcoiner, here on Publish0x. I remind readers to follow me to stay tuned to the latest news and not to be late.




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Coins & other crypto-inconveniences

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