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By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 8 Aug 2021

Some time ago I published THIS quick guide on how to scan your non-custodial wallet in order to check if there are any tokens that we are not aware of. As I explain in the article, in fact, there are several reasons why a transaction can be credited to us without us realizing it. Many of those who have read my guide have discovered new tokens and some have even earned them. I'm happy for him. However, due to the success of my post (almost 900 views) I feel obliged to warn everyone about some cases of SCAM.


In particular, in many wallets the presence of some BEP20 tokens (Binance Smart Chain) such as $MNEB or $FLUX with a very high dollar value has been discovered. This discovery is tempting to everyone, but be careful because it is SCAM!

When someone discovers that he has $5,000 in his wallet and that it came by accident, he is not inclined to wonder why. With crypto, however, you have to be careful and stop and think.

Since no one gives anything away for free, I have investigated further.

Many have reported to me that they have received a token called Minereum (MNEB) and that the value of this was very high. Also, if you try to exchange it for any other token on Dapp like Pancakeswap, the exchange doesn't happen.


The first thing that catches the eye, going to Coinmarketcap for a short search, is that the received token is a BEP20, while on Coinmarketcap there is an ERC20. Subsequently, going to the official website of Minereum, we read that the token was an airdrop and that it must be "upgraded" to be able to exchange it.



This operation requires a fee. It would be a negligible amount compared to a much larger amount, but if paid it WILL NOT BE RETURNED AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY OTHER TOKENS. Simply put, it is a scam to steal your BNB. Whoever concocted this scam thought of giving tokens to some wallets that have interacted with some Defi platforms or that hold BNB, and then leave the scammed user to complete the work with their own hands. There are so many tokens: MNEB, FLUX, VERA. Be very careful, DYOR and keep this rule in mind: if it looks like a scam, it is certainly a scam!


Final thoughts

I don't know why people persist in wanting to scam others. It is neither correct nor useful for society. Cryptocurrencies are not frowned upon by the FIAT world and if we want them to be accepted, these scams must not happen. Try to be careful and always do the necessary research, we are heading towards a world where financial freedom is more and more ours, let's not throw it away.




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