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Harvest Finance on Coinbase 🚜

By Lucasgaio | The Microcoiner | 26 Jul 2021

Finally, the famous Coinbase exchange listed Harvest Finance (Farm reward token), a token that was also given to Publish0x users. Until recently, in fact, on Publish0x it was possible to earn this Ethereum token, then replaced with the current one (IFARM). The news is certainly positive and deserves to be shared. In addition, along with Harvest Finance, FET, PAX and POLY will also be added.


Obviously, with these new additions we are confident in Coinbase's release of new earning opportunities, such as new Learn & earn.


Trading will begin on or after 9AM Pacific Time (PT)Tuesday July 27, if liquidity conditions are met.


I leave you the original tweet below:

What do you think will be the new Coinbase additions? 

Personally I trust in Terra (LUNA), a very interesting project. We'll see. Meanwhile, comment with your opinion!



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