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DeFi has become a trending topic in the blockchain community. In contrast to the decentralization of money through Bitcoin, DeFi aims for a broader approach of generally decentralizing the traditional financial industry. The core of the initiative is to open traditional financial services to everyone, in providing a permissionless financial service ecosystem based on blockchain infrastructure.

Broadly speaking, DeFi is an ambitious attempt to decentralize core traditional financial use cases like trading, lending, investment, wealth management, payment and insurance on the blockchain. DeFi is based on Decentralized Applications (dApps) or protocols. By running these dApps on a blockchain, it provides a peer-to-peer financial network. Like lego building blocks, every dApp can be combined with each other. Smart contracts work as connectors — comparable with perfectly specified APIs in traditional systems.


OIKOS is a Tron-decentralized project that will integrate the features of both cryptocurrency and digital assets so that it targets specific aspects of the exchange that make it too challenging and undesirable for typical individuals.

Oikos has made a completely new commitment that will be based on the TRX blockchain. Which adds a higher speed and a lower cost to the system.


Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that aims to build a free, global digital content entertainment system with distributed storage technology, and allows easy and cost-effective sharing of digital content


Oikos is a common asset release protocol built on Tron. This combined asset was mortgaged by Oikos Network Tokens (OKS) which, compiled in the contract, would facilitate the release of composite assets (Synths). This Guarantee Model allows users to switch directly from Synthes with smart contracts, avoiding the need for partners. Fixing liquidity and sliding issues that limit DEX's. 

OiKOS To Eliminate the Middle Man By Utilizing TRON Network

By using the features of the blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology, Tron attempts to bridge the gap between content creators and content consumers by eliminating the middleman. The result is an overall cost reduction for the consumer and improved collection through direct receipts for the content producer, which offers a win-win situation.

To draw an analogy with a real-world application, consider Netflix, which operates a digital entertainment service offering on-demand content. A single organization controls the services in a centralized manner. One may need to subscribe and pay Netflix to watch a particular on-demand movie that may have been produced by a group of budding enthusiasts who are hosting it on the Netflix platform. From the fee charged to the subscriber, Netflix takes a cut for hosting the movie on its platform and pays the remainder to producers. Often, the lion’s share is taken by the middleman.

Tron replicates this business model on a public blockchain network and acts as a distributed, decentralized storage facility that makes it more efficient and cost-effective. It aims to eliminate the middleman, like Netflix in the above example, by allowing anyone and everyone to host digital entertainment content on its blockchain-based network. The global audience can directly pay the content creators to access the content.


OIKOS develops a multi-layered decentralized exchange and DeFi platform that offers security measures that will win the overall market interest. All user funds and assets on the platform will be secured through a cold wallet with an additional level of security. The result of this is often a better level of protection against theft and attacks. this can encourage people who have an interest in the crypto market and produce other digital assets but are afraid of losing assets because hacking will be willing to trade more.


A large number of existing crypto exchanges offers a truly crude trading experience compared to what the traditional e-broker platform offers for stock trading. New crypto traders always have a lot of trouble converting fiat into crypto coins before they can trade. This is always an excessive amount of inconvenience to attract ordinary traders and investors who happen to be the main population. Therefore, OIKOS integrates fiat and crypto pairs in one platform - the Synth protocol will accommodate even fiat currencies. The time to jump over different exchanges to trade is over.


There are various types of Synth that can be added to the system to provide greater utility for Oikos.Exchange. This includes assets with leverage that are not available on other platforms including the S & P500 index and stocks such as Appl and TSLA.


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