Ethereum breaks the $ 400 barrier as I expected. What will happen next?

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 5 Aug 2020

I wrote in a previous article:

It seems that Ethereum will not rest until after breaking the $ 400 barrier

Will it do it, or will the sudden, rapid landing happen at any given moment? !!


My article, as the picture shows, was published here in Publish0x on August 3, 2020 ... that is, about two days ago ... and the price of Ethereum at that time was $ 393.61.
And now Ethereum has broken the $ 400 barrier, as I expected.

It has reached $ 407 .. and is still a candidate to continue the rise !!

36d6d5461b22d95fd997eff71e7cdc7ba7f8c71a27f407d6da27cdccd819b1f3.jpegIt was been swinging for a while between $ 399 and $ 400 ...
Until it managed to break the $ 400 barrier and jumped to $ 407 before returning again but it still over $ 400 (now $ 405)...

what will happen next?
Does it keep going up? Or begins to decline?

I expect it will continue to swing another time... Perhaps It drops until $ 380 and then rises again to exceed the $ 400 or more... and may settle at 400 a short period before it falls again... But a decline may continue for a longer period this time...

This is only a personal expectation .. and you should not base your decision on it, as I always say...
Be careful if you bet on the higher price.
The big collapse may happen suddenly...
Nobody can predict this.

Believe me, no one ... especially in the field of cryptocurrencies with its fluctuating rates between ups and downs.

The adventure is required because you might make a fortune out of it .. Imagine, for example, if you owned 10 Ethereum a few days ago when its price was $ 240... Now you will win $ 1600 .. What if you own 100 Ethereum? This means that your earnings today are $ 16,000 .. This is undoubtedly beautiful.

But on the other side, you have to be careful .. so as not to lose all thing!

Be fine...


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