Ethereum price on the edge of $ 400 .. Will it continue to climb or will suddenly collapse and decline ?!

By Ahmed Zaki | CoiNews | 3 Aug 2020


Before you read:

I started writing this article and Ethereum price was $ 389.34... Before I finished it and I published it here it prices of Ethereum reached $ 393.61 and the price is still changing between ups and downs ... what a madness !!!

It seems that Ethereum will not rest until after breaking the $ 400 barrier

Will it do it, or will the sudden, rapid landing happen at any given moment? !!


I wrote that the price of Ethereum would reach $ 370, but it exceeded that!

I said in a previous article to be entitled:

After the big increase in the price of it... Do I sell or buy? Ethereum running like a raging bull on its way to $ 370 !!

the following:

Do you follow the passion of Ethereum?

It is moving forward at the speed of the missile...

It is like a raging bull... Nobody can stop it!

But he will undoubtedly stand on this .. Will we wait until the bull calms and gets tired of his extreme ambition and stands in his place, or begins to retreat?

Or do we hurry to sell what we have to gain, then we regret if the stampede continues and the price increases because we have lost another profit on ourselves?

Certainly difficult question, not without adventure...

Therefore, I cannot answer the difficult question, but I can tell you the experts ’analysis .. and you are the decision-maker.

Please do not hold me responsible for any decision you make

In my previous article, I talked about Ray Salmond's analysis at COINTELEGRAPH in which he predicted Ethereum price would reach $ 317 when it was approximately $ 280.

The next day, Salmond talked about the possibility of the price reaching $ 370 and I published his full analytical article in my article and said:

Today Salmond published a new analytical article in which the price of Ethereum is expected to reach $ 370

Do you believe this? I believe it!

But do not forget that you are free to make the decision that you see fit... Please do not hold me responsible for any decision you make... Of course, Salmond does not bear responsibility either !!

Ethereum price exceeded analysts' expectations

Analysts had expected the price of Ethereum to stop at $ 370 as a peak after which it would begin to decline... But Ethereum exceeded these expectations .. its price now - at the time of writing the article - reached $ 389.34 as the following picture...


But, of course, it is not fixed .. Cryptocurrencies, foremost Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not stable anyway, but are always fluctuating between ups and downs.

Therefore, you should beware, dear... As the rise was rapid... The decline may be more rapid...

be careful...

After the summit, only the bottom, as they say in the proverbs...

They also say: What comes fast .. goes fast...

So be careful while dealing at these times...

If you are a beginner, wait for the price to stabilize and return to decline, and its time, you can buy while waiting for another round of climb...

As for the professionals, they know what they have to do in such times when they will no doubt make big profits...

How do you know the highest peak for ethereum ?!

Don't forget, as I always tell you at the end of my articles.

Nobody can definitively predict the price of Ethereum or Bitcoin ... Ethereum may stop going up and start falling at any time... And it may return again to rise as it has in recent days... It fell to $ 305 and then rose to $ 322 To return and decrease to $ 314, then rise, and continue to rise until it reaches $ 395, which is the highest figure that reached him before returning again.

This fluctuation in prices is the source of the risks inherent in trading cryptocurrencies... It is also the secret of the pleasure of trading !!

So you have to decide what to do if you have Ethereum...

Only you can decide whether to sell or wait for the price to reach the highest peak?

But first, you have to answer a simple question:

How do you know the highest peak for ethereum ?!

Be fine...


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