Where does Bitcoin go .. and When does it stop going up? Is it go to $ 20,000 again ?!

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 2 Aug 2020

Personal opinion:

Enjoy the gains, but watch out for the sudden drop  


Bitcoin price does not stop going up .. when does it stop?

At the end of 2017, the price of bitcoin reached $ 20,000 for the first time in its history, and for the last time too ...

Is it repeated these days?

Is Bitcoin price go to $ 20,000?

The price is accelerating forward ... until the moment of writing this article, it reached 11949 dollars ... and the price is still likely to increase!

When will the Bitcoin price stop rising?

A difficult question ... It's very difficult !!


When do I sell .. and when do I buy bitcoin?

The important question now is: When do I buy.. and when do I sell bitcoin?

Do I sell now for profit? Or do I wait for the price to reach its peak and sell to increase my profits?

The obvious answer: Wait, but the real answer is quite different.

Can you determine the price summit you are talking about?

Nobody can do that, and whoever tells you that he can determine this summit is often lying to you or deceiving you.

All I can tell you: be careful... watch out for the sudden drop!!

In July 2019, after making huge gains for bitcoin ... suddenly and without introductions, a sudden collapse occurred.

The price fell by about $ 1,000 in just one hour!

This drop caused Bitcoin to lose more than $ 10 billion of its total value!

And in just one week ... Bitcoin lost more than a quarter of its value !!


The advice of crypto-trader Morra

And now this is the advice of crypto-trader Edward Morra... He is here talking about Ethereum, but his words apply to any bullish currency.. especially Bitcoin .. Morra said:

“Yeah, parabola coming out of another parabola is a sight to behold tbh. Also, this isn't sustainable and will correct. If you are new to this space - buy dips, don't FOMO at the top.”


Bitcoin Historical Price

The following table shows the change in the price of bitcoin during the period from July 20 to August 2

In the columns, there are date, price, volume, and change. The date describes the day of the recorded price, price shows the Bitcoin value as of that date, the volume column shows the trading volume of the coin for the current day and the change indicates the percentage change in the coin's price.


The price of Bitcoin is still going up .. and it became very close to touching 12,000 dollars... Maybe it will reach this price before I finish writing my article this... But the difficult question is: Will it continue on the climbing trip .. or will he suffer from a sudden drop ?!

The answer is easy and simple: no one knows!


No one can definitively predict ... Bitcoin may stop going up and start going down at any time...

So you have to decide what to do if you have Bitcoin .. will you go ahead or wait until the price reaches the highest peak? This is your decision.

Be fine...


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