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CITYUPDATE monthly newsletter from CITYUPTAKE

By Maurice (Carapthian) | CITYUPTAKE | 5 Sep 2019

Every month, CITYUPTAKE published its monthly newsletter.

CITYUPTAKE is a community-driven project designed to maximize the crypto holder’s returns while minimizing risk. TRON’s Super Representative (SR) model of block rewards for voters makes this possible.

The combination of reliable daily SR rewards and the consistent weekly returns makes CITYUPTAKE a solid project for a strong ROI.


So what is the news for August:

1. CITY-Rewards.

We have improved our weekly communication in informing our community about the weekly rewards. Last week holding 100k CITYUPTAKE would have allowed you to pocket 795 TRX.

2. CITY-Espagnol.

Besides the CITYUPTAKE Telegram channel, we have now opened an additional channel for the Spanish speaking community

3. CITY-Returns.

In CITY returns it shows that based on a more than one year history, we have in average returned a weekly return of more than  10 TRX per week for 1000 CITYUPTAKE held.

4. CITY-Intro.

This is the block where we introduce somebody who makes a great contribution to the CITYUPTAKE community. This months we have featured David Honholt.

5. CITY-Spread.

In this block we show the size of our voting pool (currently 46,3 million votes) and how these are distributed over the mainly community driven Super Representatives and SR candidates.

6. CITY-Facts.

Is showing facts which were defining the months of August. A total of 2,1 Million TRX has been payed out to the holders of the in total 46,3 Million CITYUPTAKE tokens. The amount of holders increased from 100 to 108 and the size of the Trade Desk, which generates the majority of the rewards has increased to 11,7 Million TRX

7. Jasonomics.

We have created a new communication topic over our social media channels, being Jasonomics, where we capture wise words of our Founder and spread them to the wider crypto community.

8. CITY-Social.

Here we track our following s in the social media platforms which we have declared strategic. Our partnership with FIO-Social has boosed the amount of followers in that social media platform.

For more info about CITYUPTAKE, please check our website: or our Telegram channel:

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Maurice (Carapthian)
Maurice (Carapthian)



CITYUPTAKE is a fee build service with a right to access goods, services, and content. Every CITYUPTAKE token is backed 1:1 with TRX. The additional purchase value provides access to TD rewards and Voting rewards

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