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Maurice (Carapthian)

One year of steady Return on Investment (ROI)

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CITYUPTAKE is a community-driven project designed to maximize the crypto holder’s returns while minimizing risk. TRON’s Super Representative (SR) model of block rewards for voters makes this possible. The combination of reliable daily SR rewards and...

Revolut as a great tool to build wealth unnoticed #111Months

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As can be seen in my last #111Month post, I have a great drive to build wealth in order to achieve the goal of early retirement at the age of 55. To achieve this goal I have defined action plans in several directions in place: Pay off existing loans...

CITYUPTAKE Trade Desk explained

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The Trade Desk refers to a pool of TRX, BTT, XRP, BTC and ADA that is traded on a few popular exchanges by our resident trader with 12 years of trading experience. While CITYUPTAKE holders enjoy the safety of a 1:1 exchange and the associated SR rewa...

Early retirement plan #111Months

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At the beginning of 2019, while I was dealing with Crypto for 10 months, I wanted to set some clear goals for myself with regard to personal finance and I figured out it was still 111 Months until I would reach the milestone age of 55 years old. So i...

CITYUPTAKE 2019 Q2 Insights

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The second quarter of 2019 saw the focus shift to building out the technical requirements to meet compliance obligations imposed by regulations. We welcomed a new developer to the team to help compile a database of all transactions from our rewards’...