Why Choose Ark Wallet?

By ChangeNOW | ChangeNOW Crypto Blog | 21 Oct 2021

Ark is an innovative ecosystem aimed at driving cryptocurrency adoption. Developers can leverage Ark to build custom blockchains in mere minutes and adapt them to their needs. Ark coin is the native asset of the ecosystem that allows using its services, vote for block validators, and more.

Luckily, the Ark team has created an official wallet that helps make the most of the ecosystem. In this article, we will take a look at it and conclude why it is the best one to store Ark coins.

Ark Wallet: a quick overview

Ark wallet is a secure place to store your Ark coins available for desktop and mobile. It has a very clear and intuitive interface. Since the transactions are executed in 8 seconds, you can see how they are processed in real-time. A handy dashboard on the wallet’s main page can be accessed from any device.

The wallet is available for all major operating systems: macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is compatible with Ledger Nano, which allows storing your coins with maximum security. Ark wallet is not full-node, but it syncs with the blockchain very fast, ensuring a seamless experience.


Ark mobile wallet

Access the Ark ecosystem right from your pocket — the wallet has a mobile version available for Android and iOS. There, you can check balances and ARK price, send and receive money, manage your wallets, and do all the other things that you can do from the desktop version. Moreover, Ark mobile wallet supports BTC, ETH, and 12 other crypto assets.

Setting up your Ark wallet

Download the wallet for desktop or mobile. Set up your profile following the instructions, create or restore a wallet, and deposit some ARK. If you have a Ledger Nano wallet, use this guide to start managing your Ark wallet in Ledger.

You can buy ARK right inside the wallet. To do this, click “Purchase ARK” on the main page or install a ChangeNOW plugin that will allow you to buy ARK with 200+ cryptos. This is super easy and will take you a few seconds:


In your Ark wallet, you can set up the voting process. Elect delegate nodes who will forge Ark blocks and share their rewards with you. In the wallet, click “Delegates” and see their rankings, votes, and after doing some research, vote for one who you think deserves your choice.


When creating a wallet, make sure to save a backup of your passphrase in multiple places: write it on paper, put it on a secure flash drive. A passphrase is what you need to access your funds from another device or if you can’t reach your main PC or mobile phone. If you lose your passphrase, you will lose access to your funds, and even the team won’t be able to help.

To protect your ARK, set up a wallet password. You will need it to access your wallet on a given device. The wallet password is optional, but if your device has a risk of getting into someone else’s hands, it’s good to have an extra layer of security.


Why Choose Ark Wallet?

You can store ARK in any other wallet, too. But here’s why Ark wallet is the best for ARK coins:

Seamless asset management

Create as many Ark wallets as you want, give them human-readable names, and then filter them with a search tool. Add contacts of people with whom you work or simply plan to exchange ARK regularly. All transactions are displayed in the dashboard in a clear form. Together with your family, friends, or colleagues, you can also leverage multi-signature transactions to enjoy agreed collective spending.

Import wallets

If you’ve already had any Ark wallets, you can import them now with a passphrase. Overall, you can have many Ark wallets existing in the Ark ecosystem and access them from multiple devices. This adds flexibility, but remember to protect and backup your passphrases.

Ultimate security

AES-256 encryption makes Ark wallet one of the most secure ones out there. A custom-selected PIN option together with the wallet password makes it even more protected. A screenshot protection option is available.

Community is always ready to help

Ark boasts of a dedicated community that is open to newcomers and is ready to assist them in case of any issues. Post your question on Reddit or join the live chat in Slack.

Bottom line

If you are going to dive into the Ark ecosystem, Ark wallet is your best choice — no other wallet will allow you to flexibly manage multiple wallets, give them readable names, import and export wallets, and show your connections with the other members of the Ark community. You see right at the installation process how attentive the Ark team is: they point to things to keep in mind and encourage contacting them in case you have any questions. This makes Ark wallet one of the best ones designed by an official platform’s team.

To learn more about Ark and see how it contributes to crypto adoption, see our Ark beginner’s guide.

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