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How to choose a Bitcoin wallet? A short guide

18 minutes ago 2 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

Bitcoin wallet — how to choose?  With plenty of Bitcoin wallets in the market, it feels quite hard to choose one. Each one says it’s the best; often they have similar features. Looking up user reviews is a good idea, but it only leaves a general impr...

What is WAVES crypto?

20 Jun 2021 5 minute read 1 comment ChangeNOW

Back in the mid-2010s, many high-tech platforms like Ethereum started to arise on the cryptocurrency landscape. Their main value was that they helped others realize their value — to build decentralized applications, attract new users, and implement n...

How Strict Are The Crypto Laws Globally In 2021?

20 Jun 2021 4 minute read 6 comments ChangeNOW

The crypto industry is 12 years old now, and most of the world’s governments have already elaborated their regulations for it. In some countries, Bitcoin is banned; in others where it’s legal, there’s a variety of things that you can or cannot do wit...

5 Best DigiByte Wallets

13 Jun 2021 2 minute read 3 comments ChangeNOW

Choosing the right DigiByte wallet will help you make the most of this coin. DigiByte is one of the fastest coins for peer-to-peer payments — its block time is only 15 seconds, and it offers fees smaller than US cent. When the coin was launched back...

What is IOTA (MIOTA) Coin, And Why Is It The Ground For The Internet of Things?

13 Jun 2021 4 minute read 3 comments ChangeNOW

IOTA is a protocol built for frictionless data exchange between machines and humans. It has been designed as the backbone of the Internet of Things — a new architecture of human & machine economy. IOTA is built not on a blockchain, but on a directed...

How To Keep Your Mining Farm As Safe As Possible? An Ultimate Guide

11 Jun 2021 7 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

Hi beginner miners and everyone who is about to join the movement! There are a few ways to keep your mining as profitable as possible, and one of the basic ones is maintaining your farm in a good condition. Today, we’ll tell you how to do routine and...

Add Liquidity to Uniswap: Profit From All NOW Swaps On The Platform

11 Jun 2021 1 minute read 1 comment ChangeNOW

Recently, ChaneNOW has integrated the Uniswap DEX engine. Besides the opportunity to buy plenty of DeFi tokens, it gives you the chance to buy or sell NOW tokens right on our main page. But moreover, this is a chance for you to profit! Since every NO...

15 People Without Whom Crypto Would Be Different

6 Jun 2021 6 minute read 3 comments ChangeNOW

Cryptocurrency was designed for people by people. Without some of these outstanding personalities, the industry as we know it today would be different. Let’s see who has shaped this market and continues doing so, and what brought them to where they a...

Understanding Cryptocurrency: Top Crypto Books in History

6 Jun 2021 4 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

Every time the crypto market is growing so is the public interest in it. Everyone wants to learn what’s going on, what’s the deal with cryptocurrency, and what are the reasons behind the meteoric rise of money “based on thin air.” Books are one of th...

Cryptocurrencies Without Blockchain: Hedera Hashgraph and IOTA

4 Jun 2021 4 minute read 4 comments ChangeNOW

Is every cryptocurrency based on a blockchain? In fact, no. Today, there are at least two technologies that are as decentralized and secure as blockchain but aim to improve it to make it more stable and scalable. Hashgraph is one of these technologie...