VPN Coming to ANDROID?! Chromium Security Patches to append? - BRAVE NIGHTLY COMMIT UPDATE

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Today, I'll be briefly covering the latest update to Brave Nightly, or commit code eeabd75.


In recent additions to the Chromium base for Brave getting security patches and more from the latest Stable Chromium build, which you can read more here.

In addition, listed here, is Brave's detailing mentioned in a previous article of mine, about Brave VPN! To recap; back then it was simply a flag you could enable in the brave://flags area of your browser (On Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Sadly not iOS as it is based off of Apple's Safari Webkit.)


Further on that, Brave VPN made it's debut on iOS's Brave Browser in late 2020~early 2021. It is not finally getting implemented into Android (with PC users not having to wait far long behind!) As is, nowadays everyone pushing for a more "privacy focused" community, I feel adding the TOR option to iOS would work better for opposing snooping than a simple VPN in my opinion, but you can never be too sure in this day and age...


Listed here is the changelog where they discuss other upcoming changes to 1.39.XXX stable in upcoming release format. I feel with the implementation of VPN for Android done quite slowly, it may be quite some time before we actually see a full release of Brave VPN come to fruition for many-a-PC user alike.


In summarization, VPN was added to Android Brave Stable, and soon a working PC version may arise.

Larga vida al BAT!
See you in the next article.

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