Which currency is best to buy right now

By Jane Hero | ChangeHero | 15 Dec 2022

Many who wish to invest in cryptocurrency are wondering what crypto should I buy right now. The fact is that ratings are constantly changing, each cryptocurrency has its advantages, its nuances. Before investing, you need to explore all options, make your crypto wallet as versatile and profitable as possible.


Features of cryptocurrency search

Before you start looking for a currency, you need to think about such a moment as the exchange on which you will make a transaction. These may be other ways of buying currency, storing it. However, you should decide in advance which exchange will be the best option for you. You should pay attention to a number of factors when choosing such a platform. It is best to choose those exchanges that have already received positive feedback, which offer a wide range of currency pairs and, have clear navigation, offer a variety of tools.

Such platforms allow you to withdraw your funds as quickly as possible. If you pay attention to all the factors, you will easily choose the most popular platform for yourself, they are divided into types:

  • centralized exchange;
  • decentralized exchange;
  • P2P exchange.

Features of choosing an exchange

First of all, they are divided into centralized and decentralized. A centralized exchange has general management, it is more reliable and secure, but at the same time, we cannot talk about anonymity here because you will have to enter some data to register. In addition, such exchanges most often require verification. One of the advantages is the fact that if you lose access to your wallet, then thanks to some moments of confirming your identity, you will be able to restore access to your account.

As for decentralized exchanges, they do not have general management, while they guarantee complete anonymity, confidentiality, no one knows who exactly is the owner of the wallet, but if you suddenly lose your digital key, you will lose access to the exchange, it will be unrealistic to restore it. This way, you will lose access to your crypto assets.

Everyone decides what choice they will make on their own, some choose P2P exchanges, they are less secure since, in fact, this is a platform for people who are ready to exchange cryptocurrency. You can find a person who will sell you the right kind of cryptocurrency at the right price and thus make a deal. The only advantage of the platform is that it holds your funds until the transaction is fully completed. However, in any case, these options are not the safest, there are a variety of fraudulent schemes. However, when choosing an exchange, you also expose yourself to some risks because hacker attacks on the exchange often occur. A fraudulent group turns out to be at the head of the exchange, that is, you will still not be able to completely reinsure yourself and make the right choice.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency

After you choose an exchange, the best one like ChangeHero.io, you open a crypto wallet, you need to decide which currency you will choose to buy. After all, it has different characteristics, it can be new, popular, it can be known for a long time, and proven to be completely reliable. The choice is so great that each of you will choose the most optimal option, but it is best to read different ratings and make your own analysis, focusing on a number of factors.

Do not think that the favorable time for investment has already passed, you are mistaken because today, there are many modern young projects that can bring 300% profit to investors in a few months. Those who invested a million have already managed to get three in six months. Investments should be as competent as possible. It is best to diversify your wallet, invest in different currencies, so you can reinsure yourself, even if one currency goes down, the other is likely to rise in price on the contrary.

The best cryptocurrencies to buy

The best cryptocurrencies to buy

It is better to consider the most popular currencies today, among them stand out:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ripple;
  • Cardano;
  • Tron;
  • Binance.

Bitcoin remains the leader of any rating. This currency has long established itself as reliable, it is the most popular. She has experienced various ups and downs, but at the same time, she has shown that she is perfect for a long time. Such a currency also has disadvantages, for example, a very long transaction process, besides, the latest technologies are not introduced into it, but at the same time, it has high reliability and limited emission. It is these factors that make it a digital gold standard of value.

Therefore, investing money in bitcoin, you do not risk anything, but there is one nuance. Bitcoin is very expensive today, that is, a large amount of money will be required immediately for investment. Choose simpler and cheaper young currencies, but at the same time, choose those that will really bring you income. Your investment will be as profitable as possible.

The first place among the young currencies is occupied by Ethereum, it is the second largest digital currency by capitalization, it has no restrictions on the issue. This is the largest association of programmers who have launched a test version of the update, and a rapid growth of tokens is expected. Coins are needed by millions of developers and companies in order to conclude contracts, they also pay commission fees, which makes this currency as popular as possible.

No less interesting is the Ripple currency, which has already managed to prove itself as reliable and suitable for investment. Many people think that she is very promising, she has a high speed - this is a distinctive feature. Due to its high speed for processing transactions, it is often called the king of banking infrastructure. This project cooperates with major banks and financial organizations. However, there is an uncontrolled sale of coins. XRP has good prospects, especially considering that integration with Apple should take place in the near future, so you can use this currency for iPhone and iPad purchases. In addition, the Ripple project cooperates with governments of different countries, which makes it practically legalized in some countries.

Cardano currency is considered no less popular by many, it is a third-generation blockchain project created as an alternative to Ethereum. It has good bandwidth, scalability. In terms of capitalization, this currency has come close to Ethereum, there are many highly qualified specialists in the development team.

The Tron currency also occupies its place in the rating. Experts believe that we will be able to buy Tron coin forย  $ 1. It is based on a global digital content exchange system, ecosystems. The currency works for gaming projects, allows you to sign contracts, to create decentralized applications, which makes it as popular as possible, and therefore increases its value.

Another popular currency is the Binance. Binance coin is the world's first crypto exchange token. This is an important tool for popularizing the ecosystem. It has many advanced features of the bnb exchange itself, the number of users is constantly growing, the platform is becoming more popular, and, consequently, the token itself is becoming more in demand. It offers various ways to expand, to use the coin itself. Everyone can say that this currency should be as popular and popular as possible, therefore, if you buy it today, you can get significant benefits in the future.

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