SPLINTERLANDS: The New Chaos Legion Abilities: Speculation and Thoughts

By Timmytushoes | CasualCrypto | 9 Sep 2021


The Newest Abilities in Chaos Legion

Another speculative article, I'm hoping you guys are enjoying these... Again entirely speculative, these are NOT based in fact, I will be speculating on the abilities, their applications to the splinters, the most likely forms they will take, and how they might change values of cards.

In this one I wanted to talk about how I think these abilities are going to change the game, the meta, and the values of cards.


Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, & Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1

Amplify is a particularly exciting ability IMO. I think it's very powerful, and I have some speculations on how this power will be controlled.

I believe it is very likely that this ability will be relatively inaccessible. As it will pair monstrously with Mylor, Lir Deepswimmer, and Owster Rotwell (hint: these cards might go up)

I expect these are the ways we will likely see these cards:

  1. Amplify has high potential for being a Summoner Ability card, and I think it will likely become a part of a summoner's toolkit sooner rather than later, as a debut ability.
  2. If Amplify shows up on a Neutral monster, I believe that monster will likely be a Legendary, as the power that would give to Mylor or Owster is easily at that level.
  3. We will likely see this ability on an inexpensive Fire or Life monster, who's Splinters utilize Thorns and Magic reflect a little but not enough to where it would be very overpowered, like Mylor or Owster.
  4. Like the Neutral monsters, if we see Amplify on a Splinter-specific Earth or Death monster, it will likely be a Legendary as well, due to the inherent power of having that in the hands of Mylor or Owster.
  5. I think the Life Splinter is the most likely, as many of the Life splinter cards have Lightning or Electricity involved in their art/abilities, and Amplification is something specific to electricity. This makes me think there's a very high likelihood of a Life Amplifier card.

Amplify boosts the value of all cards with Thorns, Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Retaliate, empowering each and every one of them. The unexpected changes I see coming from this is a Increase in the value of cards with the Oppress ability, such as Harvester and Fineas Rage, as these cards will be more effective at countering this new ability, which mostly benefits non-attacking tanks, such as Naga Brute, Almo Cambio, and Onyx Sentinel (Which will all likely increase as well)


This monster takes only 1 Damage from attacks with power of 5+

Forcefield has already been shown on a Water Legendary, but this is a very powerful ability that negates many of the heavy hitters of the game. In particular, this is a great counter to Llama Kron, and Sandworm, who should be knocked back a bit in potency in the meta due to this.

I'm thinking Forcefield will have 2 applications: As a tanking ability for position 1 Cards, and as a Backline protection ability, and as such, we will see a mix of high mana cards with these abilities in Range, Magic, and Melee.

I think we will see this in the following cards as speculation:

  1. I'm expecting a Forcefield card in Neutral, some sort of Machine, sort of like the Rusty Android
  2. I think we will see a Life card with Forcefield as well, as it seems very in line with the mystic/magical aspect of many of the Life units, though Divine Shield fits better. If I had to guess, this card would likely be a Tank, as Shieldbearer already protects the backline with Taunt.

As for how it'll affect cards: Llama Kron is getting hurt badly by this, it shouldn't knock it too far down a peg, but that's what the other ability is for. I also think many of the heavy hitters will see a drop in value, the more well-distributed this ability is. I don't really see it changing the value of any cards specifically without first seeing how these cards manifest themselves, so unfortunately no speculation here beyond Llama Kron becoming a bit cheaper and less powerful.


This monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position

The anti-Opportunity, anti-sneak, anti-snipe card! This ability will let you sneak around snipe heavy teams such as Low Mana Earth, Death, and Fire.

  1. I think this is 100% an Earth card, specifically a chameleon.
  2. There will likely also be a Death oriented card (or summoner!) that will grant this ability as well. It just fits the themes of both nicely.
  3. Camouflage will likely be only really seen on lower mana cards, where sneak, snipe, and opportunity are far more threatening to your other, squishy cards.

Camouflage is a small answer and tool to knock down Sandworm yet again, and nearly all opportunity attackers, sneak attackers, and snipers! I would think the presence of this ability will cause these cards to teeter, however, it will depend entirely on which splinters get them, either allowing new splinters to counter others, for instance, Death suddenly having a stronger play against Fire for instance. Or we will see splinters become even more shutdown by other splinters, for instance, if Fire had a camouflage card, Death would struggle even more. No speculation on specific cards though, it will depend on the splinters this ability gets distributed to.


This monster does 2x damage if their target is the only monster left on the enemy team

This exists entirely for Llama Kron, G Cube Stalls, and Last Stand Torhilos for instance, and it really hurts Llama Kron, in fact, nearly all of Llama's comps are affected by this ability, and it serves as a purposeful direct counter to Llama.

Cards/Splinters I think will have it:

  1. I know I say Death a lot, but it really fits with the theme of Dark, Death, and Assassins.
  2. I think there will be a Fire card with this as well, as Fire tends to be about war and overwhelming strength. Maybe an Orc/Ogre Warlord for instance.
  3. Probably a Neutral as well, to distribute the ability to other Splinters and give them a (small) tool to handle Llama Kron. If they REALLY wanted to do some damage to Llama Kron, there will be a card that has both Forcefield and Deathblow. A true Llama Slayer.

Expect Llama Kron to go down, there's not 1 but 2 abilities in here that are specifically designed for dealing with Llama Kron, the combo, along with G Cube, will be seeing some trouble from these cards if played in last position.

Thanks for checking out this post, if you like these speculative posts, be sure to upvote or follow and I'll continue to do more!


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