Blood Pressure and Magnesium

Blood Pressure and Magnesium

By savagezen | Carnivore Jiujitero | 23 Apr 2020

This is a prior test that I conducted June 2019.  It is not carnivore specific, but precisely in the vein of nutrition, wellness, and open science that I'm adamant about.  Also, note that in these "archived" studies, I use RHR and Blood Pressure as separate metrics.  In more recent studies I use MAP (mean arterial pressure) and later CVL (cardiovascular load = RHR * MAP).


Magnesium - Take One Previously I looked at blood pressure and sodium (reduction). The results there showed a marked improvement in my blood pressure, but soon after my blood pressure returned to it's "normal" level. In other words, perhaps I caught myself on a *very* good day (low stress perhaps) that showed such a sudden improvement. At the start of this experiment my blood pressure was 144 / 88 (77 RHR) and the intervention I used was removing read meat (so chicken and fish only) as well trying to eat (vegetables with higher magnesium content). For the three week test period I was consuming about 300 mg magnesium / day (sample nutrient profile).


Results: At the end of three weeks my blood pressure was 141 / 86 (59 RHR). That is a very small, maybe not even significant effect. It should also be noted that during this time I started practicing BJJ much more frequently and did some sort of combat related movement every day -- regarding the decrease in RHR.


Magnesium - Take Two After talking with the nurse friend who recommended increasing magnesium intake in the first place, I learned that the magnesium in raw food alone would likely have little effect blood pressure without external supplementation (see this article also). So, let's give this another go! Magnesium supplements can be found at virtually any pharmacy or drug store. One thing to look out for though is that a quick Google search will tell you that (the more common) Magnesium Oxide has a lower absorption rate than (the slightly more expensive) Magnesium Citrate. Opt for the later.


Intervention (dosage): 2 x 250 mg servings / day.

  • This is a little high, but my daily intake was a little below the RDA (after re-balancing from Take One above). However, the average was in the recommended range of about 700 - 800 mg / day between raw food and supplement.



| Date     | Blood Pressure | RHR |


| 2/12/19 | 141 / 86             | 59    |

| 2/26/19 | 132 / 78             | 63    |

| 3/29/19 | 139 / 78             | 69    |


Verdict: That is a pretty impressive effect! Though statistical significance will be tested in the future once I've collected more data samples and can test each sample against the average.




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Carnivore Jiujitero
Carnivore Jiujitero

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