Why you should think about buying XLM or ALGO now

During the recent crash many altcoins lost over 50% of their value in just a few days. Now it seems like we are in a phase of recovering and consolidation and most of these coins - for example MATIC or Cardano - jumped back to their value before the crazy hype around 16th/17th of May.

But some coins which represent in my opinion pretty promising projects didn't recovered that much yet. Of course nobody knows whether they will, but as the projects behind coins like XLM or ALGO already have some real use cases I definitely see potential in these both candidates. So if you don't got a bunch of XLM and ALGO in your wallet yet you may consider grabbing some coins as long as you have the opportunity to get them for these low prices.

Before investing in any product - especially cryptocurrencies - you should know what you are buying. So read more about the before mentioned projects if you are interested: XLM, ALGO.

If you want to buy crypto Binance is a great place to do so. By using this link to register there you support my work.

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PS: As always: I’m not a financial advisor. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before investing your money and never invest money you cannot afford losing!


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