2 Crypto Projects That Can Moon Just Like Chainlink

2 Crypto Projects That Can Moon Just Like Chainlink

By Chenhuang_defi | CanUHodl | 2 Jul 2019

The Chainlink (LINK) project is doing phenomenally and so many people are talking about it. It’s at $3.34 right now and I think it has more than tripled in value from a few months ago. That’s not unheard of but this has really happened out of nowhere. It’s rank 16 on CoinMarketCap and suddenly it’s sitting next to some of the really big name tokens. 

Chainlink’s main selling point is that it focuses purely on end to end smart contract security and the team says that it is working with Google and banking partners of SWIFT, and that Gartner has made special mention of them. Most likely it’s because LINK got listed on Coinbase that the price has gone up so much so fast.

So that got me thinking: what other projects could make a similar gain, one that maybe I won’t miss out on? I could have tripled my investments and I don’t want to miss the next opportunity. 



I wonder if I’m going to flak for listing what is one of the most popular tokens (chainlink is not in the same boat as XRP) but I think it’s fair to include XRP if it seems like it’s going to gain greatly in 2019. Why? Because of the amount of progressing Ripple is making with financial partners. I think the fact that Ripple has managed to rope in so many banks around the world and convince them to trial its technology is a great positive indicator for the price. 

If I’m not mistaken, most of these trials have received good responses from the banks themselves (I think a Thai bank reduced the transaction time from days to seconds). Then there was this other report that said that banks all over the world are giving blockchain and central bank digital currencies more attention. I can’t quite recall, but it may have mentioned Ripple by name.

The point is Ripple has already done most of the work. People know about it and it has done the trials to prove its efficacy. This is what makes me think that it’s going to shoot up in price this year. 



So this is more like one of the profitable altcoins that people are looking to invest in dirt cheap with the hope that it will rise in value a lot this year. There are many reasons why I think the token and platform will see a price spike. 

The main reason why Loopring (LRC) has any potential at all is because of the use case it is building. It is a platform that lets anyone build a DEX and with the increasing number of thefts and hacks in crypto (including Binance), Loopring is building something that I think is essential for the crypto space to become more reliable. 

People have written about how DEXs will be one of the big trends of 2019 and so far that has proved true, with the Binance DEX receiving most of the attention. 

Loopring’s protocol is blockchain agnostic, meaning that it doesn’t really discriminate between blockchains and can be deployed on any blockchain that can employ smart contracts. 

Loopring might moon because it is ahead in this particular use case and the use case itself is something that the market really needs. 

Well, those are my two projects. Maybe there could be more projects that can moon and if you have a good sense, let me know. It’s an exciting time to be investing!

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