The interesting bet on Polymarket on weather Cardano will get smart contracts by October 1st

The interesting bet on Polymarket on weather Cardano will get smart contracts by October 1st

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 Crypto Community looks disinclined to take Cardano Blockchain seriously

Looks like the crypto community is bored of the Cardano Blockchain that is still in the process of launching it’s smart contract feature, that according to Cardano roadmap will happen when the Goguen era commences.

The evidence for this is a bet placed on the prediction market existing on Polygon side chain, Polymarket, on whether Cardano will launch smart contract features by October 1st.

 The bet on Polymarket on Cardano


This bet has the 2nd highest trading volume in the Polymarket platform, with the trading volume at the time of writing being $297,177. The share price of “no” is $0.59, whereas the share price of “yes” is $0.41. This means that more bets are placed on Cardano not being able to release smart contracts by October 1st.

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The bet option which is more expensive, is the bet option the market is more tilted towards. The winning betters with the right answer can redeem 1$ in USDC.

 Already there are Blockchains that have popularly used dapps and Cardano lags behind in this practical aspect

In the current Blockchain universe, there are a number of Blockchains that are live with various apps for DEFI, NFT, gaming that are attracting users. Already, Binance Chain, Solona, Polygon, Cosmos have applications allowing users to participate in DEFI, among other things.

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Popular DEFI apps today in various chains - Ethereum, Polyson, Binance Smart Chain, Solana etc

Therefore, one can understand why users don’t feel excited about Cardano Blockchain, that’s taking some time to evolve fully to the stage where it is ready for smart contract deployment that would have the Cardano Blockchain ready for creation of applications that users are looking forward to using.

 Cardano is almost there with smart contract capabilities getting evaluated in the testnet


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However, Cardano seems to be very near the stage of getting smart contract capabilities as the Alonzo testnet has been live for Cardano validators, stake pool operators, developers to test the smart contract functionality before implementation of this smart contract functionality in the Cardano Mainnet.


Cardano Blockchain may be slow to come alive but it’s designed with a lot of care

Cardano’s head, Charles Hoskinson has a methodical, tried and tested approach of developing the Cardano Blockchain. The Blockchain is designed after a thorough peer reviewed academic research conducted by experts in the field of programming, distributed computing and game theory.

Hoskinson, has revealed that it is critical for testing out the smart contract feature in the testnet methodically before its launched in the mainnet, which is a logical step to pursue, since he wants Cardano Blockchain to be launched without it experiencing any major hiccups when it is launched.

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Cardano Roadmap
Cardano Blockchain is entering the Goguen era, where the milestone of the Blockchain having Smart Contract capabilities would be accomplished .

 Cardano has progressed a phase further in the Alonzo testnet stage

Right now, Cardano is being tested in the Alonzo testnet in the Alonzo White testnet phase, a upgrade from its earlier Alozo Blue testnet phase. The next stage of the testnet will come after 2 to 4 weeks.

 Many Delays in the case of essential improvements in the Ethereum Blockchain


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Last year, Charles Hoskinson boasted that by July 2021, Cardano would be having thousands of dapps in it, which turned out to be a very optimistic claim that not could not happen in reality.

However, delays on such things are pretty common, ask Ethereum app users about the scaling solutions like optimism they have been eagerly awaiting for. There are many disgruntled crypto participants who are tired of Ethereum congestion and network fees, although now it’s much better for various reasons.

We wonder how long it will take for Ethereum 2 to launch, too much patience one needs sometimes to bear with the delays in the Ethereum Network essential improvements.

 The Cardano bet made Charles Hoskinson laugh


On the cooler side after this hot pour on Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson has responded to this bet on PolyMarket in a cool and light manner…

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 What’s your bet on all this ?

I would personally bet on ‘yes’, that the Cardano Blockchain will launch its smart contract feature by October 1st.

The bet with the highest trading volume on Polymarket is on Ethereum on whether Ethereum will implement EIP-1159 before August 5th…

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I roll my eyes, I want to know when all those scaling solutions - optimism, roll ups and Ethereum 2 will launch. Never mind. Although personally, I would bet yes for that EIP-1159 bet too.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a lovely day ahead!!

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