San Marino’s unique vaccination passport is produced on Vechain Thor’s Blockchain

San Marino’s unique vaccination passport is produced on Vechain Thor’s Blockchain


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 San Marino issuing Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate for it’s Citizens

It’s always nice to read news of practical use cases of Blockchain Technology, more than just the DEFI and NFT stuff we investors so much hear about. Here is one such example where a small country, San Marino with a population of just 33,000 is leveraging Ve Chain’s Blockchain Technology for creation of San Marino’s Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate.

Now, every vaccinated San Marino Citizen will get a Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate complaint with European Standards that will have details of their vaccination status, past history of infection, negative test result etc.

This certificate can be acquired by the individual who wants it by requesting any facility that’s authorised by the country’s health authorities to give it. The Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate can be availed in both digital and paper formats.

 Verification of these digital certificates for the required vaccination details


This certificate will be very helpful for travel purposes where countries of the World can easily verify if that particular San Marino Citizen has been vaccinated.

There are two QR codes embedded in San Marino’s Digital Covid Vaccination Certificate that can be scanned for verification purposes.


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The first QR code caters to the European Union requirements and allows approved European member state entities to verify the Digital Certificate.

The second QR code allows others outside European Union to verify the Digital Certificate. After scanning the QR code, a web application shows up that will have all information needed to verify the validity of the certificate.

 Blockchain based digital covid vaccination certificate linked to NFT

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All this is pretty cool as San Marino’s Blockchain based Digital Certificate is assured to be of European Standards and completely interoperable but there is something even cooler in all this, and many of you crypto and Blockchain enthusiasts might be able to guess this.

This digital Covid vaccination Certificate is linked to a Non-Fungible Token, yeah NFT, where the vaccinated individual’s details are all stored as a NFT in the Ve ChainThor Blockchain.

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Infographic from Ve Chain's twitter

NFTs are unique and distinct tokens that are immutable. They are very commonly getting used now as proof of ownership of an asset(art, real estate, movie, song etc), for copyright purposes.

Here however, NFT is used to certify the authenticity of the details linked to the vaccinated person, eliminating the chances of forgery.





 Mechanisms to safeguard personal data of people respecting their privacy



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What’s more, this article explains that personal data of people will be protected. True that data stored on the Blockchain is more secure than when stored on a server which can get hacked, however, for verification of the Covid vaccination certificate, personal data parameters are not required to be inputted.

More details of how this process works is explained in this article which involves the process of issuing the root certificate using public and private keys that are needed to sign the digital certificate.



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