Enhancing our potential to live life with joy and positivity in the coming New Year!!

Enhancing our potential to live life with joy and positivity in the coming New Year!!



Persistence in improving our lives by keeping alive our positive energy powered by Joy




Now, most of us will be making new year resolutions and have high hopes of improving our lives by implementing them. Actually, it’s best to take the steps to improve our lives right now instead of focusing on such things only when the season of New year Resolutions arrives.

My focus since I have experienced the power of joy, inspired by the Global Joy Summit, is to invigorate ourselves through pure positive energy, powered by angelic forces of joy, love and compassion.

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Little tips to gear ourselves to celebrate life with joy as the year ends…

Initiating the Process of Activating Positive Energy by kindling the flames of Joy within us




Now I will focus on imparting practical inputs in improving our relations with others.


 Taking steps to secure our lives by forming relationships with good people…



We definitely have to focus on powering and enhancing ourselves through meditation practices and I have talked about it in my previous articles, so I am skipping it here…

However, there are other aspects to our well being which we should focus on as well.

Many of us have this feeling of loneliness and insecurity. This is not healthy also because it makes us vulnerable to be stuck in relationships that do us no good. Yes, it’s because of insecurity many of us are not having the courage to move out of incompatible relationships and worst toxic relationships.


 Your never alone — find people and communities that will offer you support



Therefore, take necessary steps to form relationships with individuals or a community of people that actually empower you.

Realise that, you may be scared to be alone, but you just can’t be in relationships where there is no real love and compassion. Such relationships will create unhappiness, disempower us and disconnect us from our positive potential.

So, find good people and connect with them, maybe through volunteering, group travelling, or activity classes.

Your community can be your safe place, where you can share your feelings and experiences freely & grow. There will be people around who value your company and see the good in you and love you for it.

Let’s avoid hanging out with negative people who we find are pulling us down and draining away our joy and positive energy.


Forming relationships that matter takes away our loneliness making us feel secure



We have to be careful in forming bonds, in case one has been in a relationship that was meaningless or worst harmful, it’s understandable our hesitation in forming bonds again but one should always be open to interacting with good people and making space for them in our life.

It will alleviate our loneliness and give joy, and sprinkle some much needed love quotient that we all need.

The biggest problem today is that so many of us are isolated and alone, we need to built communities or join communities where we find togetherness, joy, love and compassion.

This will definitely cure most of our mental health issues including that of fear and anxiety.


Building communities to act together to improve society and make a difference




In today’s world building communities are important, because we need to work together to sort out challenges, to better the lives of us all as a community.

So, we can clean lakes being part of volunteering communities, take care of stray dogs in the area collaborating with a group of people, plant saplings and maintain them in the area as a community, or protest against an arbitrary Government measure like the Government’s measure to build an industry on a lake area or park area, that will involve cutting off greenery or encroaching lake bodies.

Our energy and vitality is limited solo, in a community we become part of a whole and have potential to change the world non-violently, in solidarity, and get the strength to lobby for justice with big powers.


 Being in friendly terms even with people who hold disagreeable views through compassionate interactions

Go forward to talk on important topics to people who disagree with you

Lastly, we need to reach out and connect with people who have differing opinions on aspects such as climate change, activism, Government policies, other initiatives and talk with them calmly without creating conflicts.

This is because, our focus is never to create rifts between others, it’s to make them understand our point of view that has its merits and holds the truth. However, if they cannot see it that way, let’s still maintain peace and not create rifts and walls between us.

This is because we value others and should respect them for their other good qualities even if they have certain viewpoints that offend us.

Interacting with such individuals is an opportunity for us to practise love and compassion with patience. It’s possible that when we interact with them in an amiable fashion, they will be open to see the merits in our point of view as well.

We need to listen to why they don’t agree with our views also, so they feel heard and respected, and we understand their point of view as well.



 Interact with people so they see the truth without forcing them to change their view

This process of interacting with difficult people holding disagreeable views calmly without labels and judgement, and with patience is the process of building bridges. We extend a bridge for them to come to join our side, seeing the truth in what we say, but if they don’t come over to our side, also it’s ok, it is all good.

However, we have to talk and make bridges with such people because we need to coexist together. We need to put across our point of view, as they shout out theirs and then reach a reasonable agreement, if we are negotiating something on which everyone’s cooperation is required.

Ultimately, we have to avoid fights, because we need people to support us, and we can only win their support by convincing them stating the true facts as we know it.



We don’t want to get divided due to our stance that’s different from theirs. We want to be united as much as possible and stay on positive terms.

More great tips on dealing with the world around us compassionately by Zainab Salbi

These tips, especially the one about building bridges, I got from listening to Zainab Salbi’s talk. She is a celebrated humanitarian, journalist, author, TV host who was named one of the top 25 women changing the world by People magazine.

Zainab, has extensive experiences, helping women affected by war rebuild their lives. She gives her amazing insights based on her experience on the approach to view the world and others, so we have more positive relationships with others and ourselves, and live more fulfilling, joyful and meaningful lives.

You watch Zainab’s interaction here -

Take it from me, it will change the way we view the world, interact with others and manage ourselves. It’s definitely a must watch for everyone to hear those amazing insights inspiring us to live with love and joy based on our truth.


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