Little tips to gear ourselves to celebrate life with joy as the year ends…

Little tips to gear ourselves to celebrate life with joy as the year ends…



Cheer up for the year is ending and it’s time to celebrate the occasion

Wow… Time goes fast as we approach the end days of 2022…

A big applause to everyone, we made it this far… yes we had our ups and downs and some of us had difficult times and are still struggling…

It’s ok, we made it and we all deserve to enjoy the occasion… so cheer up everybody!!

I hope Santa’s spirit cheered the world during Christmas time… Think of father Christmas and get inspiration to be joyful.

Be Merry now all, it’s Christmas season!! Ho, Ho, Ho !!!

Yes, smiles, merry smiles … open up to embrace joy everyone…

Some insights on inculcating joy inside you!!


First Relax… I already talked about an effective way to get relaxed through mindful meditation earlier…

Initiating the Process of Activating Positive Energy by kindling the flames of Joy within us

Remember, you have the power to heal yourself because within you, deep inside, if you reach out to your soul and embrace it, you will find inner peace and joy.

You should start connecting with your inner soul and kindle that positive energy inside you.

Always remember, your potential is infinite… and this includes your potential to love, care and be joyful besides your other talents you should develop and nourish.


Get self aware…

Once you meditate, reach the rhythm of calmness, isolate negativity that you feel…

You may feel angry, disappointed, frustrated, miserable. Understand that you have these emotions and acknowledge them.

This will help you heal, or free yourself from negative emotions, so you are more open to embrace joyfulness.


Try to free yourself from hatred and forgive. This way, you set yourself free from that negative bondage.

Acknowledge and enjoy all those little good movements in your day


Make it a point to enjoy every good aspect of life — it could be the early morning freshness, the warmth of sunshine, or those wonderful trees and birds around. Enjoy it, rather than being blind to it.

When we start our day with positive energy, we attract positive energy. We should be grateful for all the good things in life, we can enjoy!! This way, our mind will believe in the good that exists in the world which inspires us to embrace the good aspects of life.

So, let cheer fill up the coming days and you let yourself do loving things, it could be as small as being nice to your neighbors with a hearty greeting.

Do activities you enjoy to keep yourself happy


Always, do some activities you enjoy whenever possible as well, could be drawing, dancing, writing, cooking, cycling. Find time to make yourself happy everyday.

Celebrate the end of season meaningfully rather than party without real enjoyment


However, as you celebrate the coming days — remember you need not do anything fancy, glamorous but can still really enjoy the good times, the vibes, the cheer.

It could be just a simple gathering with your near and dear people, as long as love, goodwill and togetherness shared by you all is real, the movement will truely be meaningful and special.



Hope these little insights to be joyful, helps you center yourself towards joy, welcoming the new year with positivity(:

Remember that we all strive to be happy, we all want to have loving relationships and interactions. So, forget other differences and let’s be nice to one and all and be happy(: , it’s worth it.


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