Initiating the Process of Activating Positive Energy by kindling the flames of Joy within us

Initiating the Process of Activating Positive Energy by kindling the flames of Joy within us



Joy vapours are steaming inside me after listening to speakers in the Global Joy Summit!!

Last month on 13th November, I was fortunate enough to check out the Global Joy Summithere — .

This online summit was about JOY… yes JOY irrespective of how outside circumstances are…

The Global Joy Summit began with a film featuring his holiness Dalia Lama with Desmond Archbishop Tutu which gave viewers insights on key aspects of joyfulness. All these insights are backed by science as well.

There were other personalities who spoke about Joy as well, they ranged from monks, activists, bishops, actors, psychologists, artists and singers. Every speaker shared their wisdom about joy that it was an absolute treat to listen to the speakers of the Global Joy Summit!!

The entire Global Joy Summit filled me with such wisdom and joy that I just have been itching to share this for a while.

You can listen to his holiness Dalia Lama share his insights on the topic here -:


Getting a sense of the spirit of Joy that’s within us!!


Joy is a pleasant feeling, the entire word, now, as I see it is about a pure light heartedness filling my soul with such cheer and delight as I imagine the Joy word dance like it did inside the animation videos made for the Global Joy Summit.

The kind of flavours steaming in the mist of Joy is the everlasting beauty like that of creation itself… that ease of tranquillity flavoured with pure delight. It’s a natural, lighted hearted force that’s powered fresh with love and compassion ready to spread and wrap everything one encounters in our way.

Joy is a super power that can recharge our soul igniting us with positive energy


This joy is ofcourse a innocent power, it’s carefree…

The eternal truth about Joy is that it’s within us humans, and if we activate this the joy within us, it will power us with positive energy(:

Our inner joyful force can charge us when we are drained, can heal us when we are in pain, it will power us with love that endows us with kindness, generosity and compassion, and ultimately warms us with that cosy feeling of inner peace…


Finding the path of joy…


So the obvious question is how to kindle that flame of joy inside us?

In today’s world it is common to talk about mental health issues, about loneliness, stress, depression, fear, anxiety and insecurity related feelings.. We feel that people are becoming inhuman and there is just too much negativity about.

However, we must make time to reconnect with ourselves and disconnect with all the negativity we focus too much on…

Building connections with our inner-self through meditation

One most common way to reconnect with our inner self is through meditation…

There are various types of meditation to practise varying in their power but a basic meditation involves…

Closing eyes, relaxing every part of the body, breathing in with your stomach coming up like a balloon filled with air and then breathing out, where your stomach comes down just like a balloon that’s deflated. This will sync your body and mind to the rhythm of your breath and relax both these elements of yourself.

This basic meditation can be powered up by various techniques like positive affirmations, positive visualisations, or else music, sounds, mantras.


Expanding the beats of our breath slowly more and more…

Also, you can progress your meditation by holding your breath for longer periods. For ex, you can breathe in(inhale) 5 times(5 seconds), then hold your breath for 5 seconds and breath out(exhale) 5 times. When doing this imagine that whenever you’re breathing in you’re inhaling positive energy and exhaling out toxic stuff and negativity out of your body.

Slowly one should endeavour expanding our breath to higher limits like to 60 to 100 counts, building our ability to hold our breath for longer periods of time or at least 1 minute.

The above are just some limited tips, but they will suffice to introduce you to this wellness habit of meditation.

The evergreen, steady feeling post a meditation exercise


Once you have finished meditating and open your eyes, it feels like your mind has had a bath and your vision gets clearer. This definitely improves your focus and concentration, builds your patience and empowers you with tranquillity.

Little by little meditation can build you inner peace, you become more equipped in calming and taming your wandering mind which by itself is making peace with your inner self.

Meditation definitely connects one with the inner joy inside of us which is why meditation is a must do daily habit we all should all inculcate in our lives.

Let’s visualise this feeling of feeling good now with this song —

“I feel good” by James Brown…


Just activating some vigour of joy inside with this energetic song…

Never feel shy to loosen yourselves up and sway to the tunes of music, allow yourself to celebrate and be joyful, ok?? Enjoy!!


Activate the energy of our body through exercise


Our body needs to be kept in shape, it could be stiff because it’s not got exercised, or movement it craves. Our body and mind are definitely connected, so boosting some energy in the body will make us feel more lively.

This is a way to build balance as well, as we need to burn the calories stored in our body, convert it to energy, this will rejuvenate us with power and life, make us more tuned to feel joy.

The kind of exercise for the body depends on the kind of physical activities a person likes to do. Remember that you can exercise with others in a group so it can be a socialisation time as well. You can exercise outdoors or indoors

Walking, cycling, stretches, yoga, gyming are some exercises a person can do. Never feel shy about exercising outside in public, if you’re a person who enjoys outdoor elements of nature.

Released energy of our body works in spreading vitality into our body cells…


Basic body exercise improves blood circulation, builds your metabolism, strengthens your body, builds your immunity and actually makes you look more toned and fitter. This is a big confidence booster, and definitely improves your body posture.

This energy power up, will ignite you with vigour to work productively throughout the day. This will also regulate your sleep as your body will ask for rest at night, tired with exhaustion.

Physical exercise and meditation that’s been discussed above are basic things that can regulate your body and mind, keep it in a state of clarity and pump it some vigour.

Basic Foundation to build your all around wellbeing and make space for joy


This is a basic start to open the window to allow the spirit of joy to reach you. There are more aspects to feeling joyful and I intend to cover those aspects in another article.

The above two tips are really basic but we need to implement these to kickstart the process of our physical and emotional wellbeing at the surface.

The spirit of this article is definitely inspired by JOY and all the wisdom I acquired from listening to the speakers in the [Global JOY Summit](

However, these thoughts are my own and I implement these two habits in my routine everyday. I would say it definitely strengthens me to deal with the usual mundaneness of the rest of my day.

Thankyou for reading… and please await my other articles on JOY, I have more insights to share, as there are so any more dimensions to joy and it can’t be covered at one go here.

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