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By BussTechno | BussTechno | 26 Sep 2021

The past few weeks I, like thousands of others, have been been taking part in the Ellio Trades/Alex Becker digital scavenger hunt in the hopes of gaining entry into the Citadel.  If you don't know what the Citadel is then jump back into the wayback machine and check out their Twitter/YouTube videos starting at the beginning of the month, because I'm not here to talk about that game.  However, this scavenger hunt has introduced me to dozens of play-to-earn games and universes that I otherwise would have never looked at.

NFT as Identity & Items

This won't come as a big surprise to anyone that pays attention to the space; if you only want to see some cool projects scroll down a bit. 

One thing is very clear in blockchain gaming trends... You will need a digital identity to play.  Your identity will come in the form of a NFT, be it some stupid looking Avi or something a little more complex.  Your NFT is immutable, tied to your unique address, proves ownership, and will be your entry ticket.

Land, weapons, and other in-game items are going strictly NFT so you can move them throughout different games and universes.  I predict in the next 5 years that all major game studios will have moved to some form of NFT integration allowing an interoperable gaming experience.  

"According to Zion Market Research, the global augmented and virtual reality market was valued at around USD $26.7 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach approximately $814.7 billion by 2025."


I'm not going into great detail on the following projects.  They are what I am looking into and meant for you to further fact find and decide if they meet your investment criteria.



About: Bloktopia is a play, learn, earn skyscraper game made up of 21 levels paying tribute to Bitcoin's 21M hardcap.  It was designed for all player levels of crypto experience.  You will be able to earn through digital real estate, advertising, playing games, and building out networks. They use a real time 3D creation engine in order to create amazing visuals and an enthralling user experience.

Blockchain: Polygon

Native Token: Blok

IDO: Final IDO is October 5, 2021.  Red Kite on the Polkadot/Kusama Network.

Major Investors: Amimoca Brands, Avalanche, Polygon, X21

Whitepaper Link



About: This project started as a meme coin but has pivoted into an actual ecosystem.  I highly suggest you read their whitepaper.  "The Dark Metaverse is a closed loop ever-expanding ecosystem that will consist of P2E games with breedable in-game NFTs and Virtual Land that will entitle collectors to in-game revenue. All games will funnel through UFO's Mothership Gaming Launchpad. UFO Unlocks Everything."  The first game to launch on UFO is Super Galactic, an RPG.

Blockchain: Ethereum with plans to expand to be chain agnostic

Native Token: UFO

IDO: None.  Currently available on Uniswap and Shibaswap

Major Investors: None.  No team allocations, no private sale.  Fully DAO governed.

Whitepaper Link


About: VR world focused on: alleviating user friction, increasing user experience, and creation of a digital in-world economy.  They have a presence here on Publish so I will let you look into them further.  Extremely detailed whitepaper.

Blockchain: Astar Network, Ethereum and Polkadot

Native Token: Ntvrk

IDO: Currently available on Uniswap, Coinbene, Hotbit

Major Investors: Multiple

Whitepaper Link


Chain Guardians

About: Don't be fooled by their available Beta game on their website.  This one is going to be huge.  They already have a launchpad with a reasonable allocation requirement of 500 CGG, NFT mining, and working on a mobile version of their game as well continuing progress on the main project. 

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Native Token: CGG

IDO: Currently available on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, KuCoin, GateIO,

Major Investors: Multiple

Whitepaper Link


Colony Online

About: Please see my previous article for full details.  This is only an update on the project.

Update: A signed development contract with Stainless Games, the makers of Magic the Gathering, is expected within weeks (probably next week).  

On my recent search for the gates of the Citadel I have come across so many incredible metaverse and gaming projects that I had to pare it down to only a few that really piqued my interest.  Otherwise I would be in 100 different projects right now.  Take a look at some of these projects and let me know what you think down in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading and following.

Authors Note: All photos are compliments of their respective owners.  I own the following positions and NFT mentioned in this article: ETH, UFO, CGG, and Colony NFTs.

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