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By BussTechno | BussTechno | 3 Sep 2021



Thats 2 many 2s in that title! But I think you will be able to appreciate the two projects I will be discussing today.  Both of these blockchain games are still in the  development phase and they are completely different in nature.  

Colony.Online is a planned 2D social MMO that has seen incredible exposure this past week during their sold-out NFT mint.  Cornucopias: The Island Awaits is a 3D metaverse a la Decentraland or Sandbox... and running on the Cardano Blockchain.

For full disclosure I own two Colonist NFTs, follow both Twitter accounts, and am a verified member in each of their discord servers so I am biased towards both projects.



If you happened to catch my flash posts on here, Twitter, and Torum earlier in the week I gave a head's up notice to get whitelisted for the Colony.Online presale that gave exclusive access to mint the Ape character set.  The NFTs up for sale were/are the in-game characters and entry ticket used for the planned AAA game that is slated for release in 2022.  20K of the available 25K mint were sold throughout the past week with the final 5K finishing up minting today.  Those last 5K sold out in 1 hour and 15 minutes, so if you want to get in on the game you will have to go to the secondary market if you want a series 1 colonist.  Don't worry though, because you may end up doing fine buying on the open market if you can catch gas at a reasonable price.  Also the NFTs will remain hidden until 5 September, so until then it doesn't matter what mint number you get because they are randomized and individual traits are unknown.  In Discord discussion there were statements regarding the possibility of future mint sets to allow additional players into the game, but currently their roadmap only recognizes the 25K original Colonists with a companion NFT available later on the roadmap. 

The only thing specific right now regarding mint numbers is that 1-5000 are bear characters, 5001-10000 are apes, 10001-15000 are ducks, 15001-20000 are cats, and 20001-25000 are dogs.  There may be some perceived higher value associated to 1-10000 as those were part of the presale mint; whereas 10001-25000 were publicly minted.  The game itself will have "bonuses" if your collection includes at least one NFT from each character set.  However, those bonuses have not been disclosed yet.



About Colony.Online


From the Devs: "Colony Online is a pixel art, 2D, top down social MMO that takes place in a drug infused, vibrant, hyper materialistic moon colony of randomly generated, multi species space animals. The space animals which inhabit this moon colony are named “Colonists”. Colonists spend the majority of their time living an ultra-hedonistic lifestyle that consists of blowing money on designer clothing, housing upgrades, furniture, drugs and partying. Colonist culture is built on purchasing rare material items that act as status symbols and attaining significant monetary wealth in the form of gems and resources that are earned from moon mining."

Storyline: You can get a full run-down of the backstory from their discord server but the gist is Colonists are lab created, super-intelligent, anthropomorphic beings that initially cohabited with humans.  "Over several generations, Colonists surpassed the human race in intelligence and slowly took over the world through the growth of their very own Colonist owned mega-corporations that achieved global domination through designing insanely dope products that were irresistible to the human race (drugs, tech, designer clothing, games and entertainment)."

Eventually the humans grew wary of the Colonists success and attacked them. The Colonists were forced to board an ark with 25000 souls and fled to establish a moon base called The Colony.   They brought their tech with them and were able to continue their lifestyle, rebuild a civilization, and mine resources. 

Top down 2D social MMO like club penguin with cosmetic item economy, mini games and instanced player housing. Pixel graphics and level design like Graal or Everland but upped in fidelity and polished quite a bit. Daily rewards for moon mining equipment, staking gems in the vault of your home for land upgrades and tiered leveling & rewards based on amount in vault (we will explore this more). Species based competition and factions. Basic crafting systems that have blockchain integration.

Cryptocurrency: All PCs and in-game items will be NFTs.  The game will also have its own cryptocurrency.  Specific blockchain is undetermined at this time.

Development: According to the website, the game is slated to release in 10 months from NFT drop, which would place it as a Summer 2022 debut.  The team claims they are currently signing a deal with a "major (AAA) game studio to aid in development of Colony Online" so there are aspects of the game that cannot yet be released.




Cornucopias: The Island Awaits


This is a brand new project that only recently made its public debut.  All I can really say about this game as an intro- I summed up in a tweet earlier today:


About Cornucopias


From the Devs:  "Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn game where players own characters, land and other NFT (non-fungible tokens) based assets that have real world value, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse.

‘The Island’ is split into a number of themed zones such as the ‘Wild⋆West’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone, ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone etc where people of all ages can play a series of mini games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn real world value as they explore and build in our safe and secure world."

Storyline: Since this is a 3D open world, storylines will most likely be individually based on the the zones and activities or mini-games you choose to participate within.  Individuals and companies will have the opportunity to design and build out their own attractions adding to the ecosystem.

Watch this short video of Cornucopias for a view of what they are building:


Cryptocurrency: All PCs and in-game items will be NFTs. Cornucopias will run on the Cardano blockchain. The game will also have its own native Cardano cryptocurrency. You will need a Cardano compatible wallet like Yoroi or Gero for NFT safekeeping, purchases, trades, etc.

Development:  I highly recommend you take the time to read their whitepaperIt will answer most questions regarding the game and the mechanics.  You will also find more information in my comparison below.  There is so much information that I am going to take the easy way out and just let you read it.  The team behind the project has extensive experience in gaming and technology. 

Building on the Unreal 5 Engine, they are developing a true AAA play-to-earn metaverse with NFT, DeFi, Artistic design, and commerce functionality.  In which all individuals will be able to participate whether you choose to purchase NFTs or start with the two free NFTs you receive for signing up and grow your account from there.  It is being purposely designed to allow individual gameplay or multiplayer depending on the preference of the user.

No official timeline has been set for release of their NFTs.  The website states sold-out, however that was only a functionality test of their backend.  The price of the initial characters nor timeframe for NFT drop has been determined.  My assumption is they will start dropping their NFTs in 4th Quarter 2021 or early 2022, but that is pure conjecture.

The massive scope of this game will require a phased approach and could possibly take a few years before it is at full scale.  This is the ground floor of this project.  They are just now getting their socials setup, still acquiring funding, and diligently working on the software.




The biggest risk you take with early entry into any crypto project is that it doesn't actually come to fruition.  Neither project has released a beta. Also, please be aware this comparison is admittedly a little unfair to both projects because they are nothing alike in concept or design.  However I am attempting to give a semi-objective comparison from an investor standpoint in the event you decide you want to only pick one horse for the long haul.

Funding: As far as funding is concerned, both projects have their individual strengths. 

  • Colony just saw an incredible NFT drop that sold out all 25000 Colonists and raised 625 ETH at mint.  Their NFTs are ETH based ERC-721, but they have not released which platform they are trying to run on- only that they plan to utilize an efficient blockchain.  They are currently attempting to sell a development deal with a game studio, so they are obviously seeking institutional or development support.  I have no information regarding start-up funding.
  • Cornucopia currently has Cardano/IOHK proposals in Fund 6, which means they already have institutional/platform support and are working to gain more.  Two of the founders are also Cardano node operators, so my assumption is they are heavily self-funding as well.

DevelopersCornucopia has a doxxed team with verified experience, credentials, and IOHK in their corner.

  • Cornucopia has a seasoned team of software, blockchain, and technology based developers and entrepreneurs.  Team is doxxed.
  • Colony has an anonymous team with no verifiable experience.  However, if they license or partner with a legitimate game studio for development they could easily come to market with a product faster and continue to phase in functionality within the game.

Vision/Whitepaper:  Cornucopia has a clear advantage in that they have a detailed & transparent plan for their ecosystem.

  • Cornucopia has a clear vision, goal, and in-depth whitepaper for their metaverse.
  • Colony has a roadmap and great artistic vision, but it is informal and lacks transparency.

Community:  Colony has a much larger social presence and has demonstrated brand appeal/demand through their NFT sale.

  • Colony has ~9000 Twitter follows and over 11K discord members.  They had a successful sell-out NFT launch of 25K Colonists this week. 
  • Cornucopia is a recently released project; has ~1200 follows on Twitter and an unknown, but low number in its discord server.

Social Media Influencers:  This is up to you (if it even matters to you).  I like both of these individuals for different reasons; I watch their YouTube videos and follow them on Twitter, because they each have incredible... yet very different content.

  • Colony has Hyros CEO and social media character/influencer Alex Becker who has tweeted about them, follows their socials, and has a pre-mint Genesis Colonist.  I'm unaware if he has additional Colonist NFTs.
  • Cornucopia is followed by blockchain developer and YT educational content creator Hashoshi.  He follows the project's social media and has liked one of my tweets regarding Cornucopia (so I'm definitely semi-famous now because a notorious YT dude liked my tweet).  Other than following the project I do not know if he has any other connection.

Generally when it comes to social media influencers, I rarely factor in their opinions to my thought process outside appreciating that they introduced me to a project.  However when it comes to NFTs and gaming I follow Alex Becker for a reason.  When it comes to quality projects and knowledge of blockchain I appreciate Hashoshi's level-headed and informative approach.

Well there you have it- two distinctively different projects that have amazing potential.  Both are still in the game development phase with one already having a successful NFT launch.  They are both ground floor opportunities with inherent risk.  As I have discussed in previous articles, I like to hedge my bets so I am going with both.  I already own 2 of the Colonists and will undoubtedly be working towards a full character set.  For Cornucopia, I will keep following and, given the opportunity, purchase characters & land if they have a pre-sale.  If I miss out on a pre-sale, well, I'm going to play anyway because IT LOOKS SICK!  I look forward to keeping up with the projects and will try to update as progress is made.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and follow.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Torum. 


All photos are compliments of their respective owners.  I own the following positions and NFTs mentioned in this article: ETH, Cardano, Colony NFTs, and Decentraland. 

Edited: Video link updated on 20NOV2021.





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