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Three Years Of Financial Fighting At The Capital City


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December 31, 2019 was the day when I first kept my feet in this capital city I'm living right now. There was many so called own people laughed at me and thought I'll be back to them after having a failure in career. I faced pandemic alone, did jobs without salaries, struggled as much I can afford but never get back to them who thought I can do nothing in such expensive city I'm living right now.

By the grace of Almighty I quit jobs and decide to be a freelancer. Market places were full of skilled workers that there making a good position was seems impossible but I made some money like pocket money not something that can bring my financial freedom or can cover my monthly expenses.

Since childhood days I was good at money saving and that savings helped me to bear my expenses almost a year and thankfully never asked for a single penny from anyone Alhamdulillah (praise to be Almighty Allah). The journey of financial fighting still going on and now I'm not bearing only my expenses but also bearing the expanses of my family.

Sometimes it make me feel stressful, its hard to save money for future but I'm thankful to crypto currencies that made me able to bear my expenses for last three years. Cryptos helped me living a life without stress that I can't bear. I'm already financially independent but I'm scared to experience something unexpected like having no funds and most scary is asking help from others that I never did and don’t want too.

Today when I took my phone in my hand and saw its 31st and the last day of a year. I backpack 3 years ago and started the journey to the capital city by bus and reached in the morning of January 1, 2020. People sharing their financial goals when I'm calculating what I did in last three years.

Whatever I've done, I'm satisfied because I never expect having the big and try to be happy with the little. I've a little saving that help me to be independent financially and doesn’t allow me to ask for help from others for single penny. Its an honor and satisfaction that I've no debt, no stress.

My heartiest gratitude to crypto for making my life easier. I've learned so many things and still learning. Someday I'll ensure my financial freedom for lifetime and this is my only goal of life. I wish 2023 will bring more financial blessings in our life and crypto currencies may help many people like me living in a capital city and holding self-esteem by struggling for making money.

Nothing more to say, wish you all a very
Happy New Year 2023

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