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A finder of short-cut will fall into the trap

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 30 Jan 2023


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Mr. Alex is a service holder. He is consisting a family with four members. His wife is a house wife and they have two kids in their family. Two kids are school going. Family expenses are increasing for inflation and they had no other earning source for future plans. Even when the bad time will knock their door, they don't have savings or back up option for financial support. Mr. Alex often get worried about their personal finance and kids are also growing up.

He often got offer for bribe in his service. But he didn’t try any short cut. One day the day has come when they run out of money and Alex decide to take bribe as he had no other option. His other colleagues also take bribe and they are very smart on that as none can proof them accused though many knows that dishonest officers and none respect them. Alex joined the team of dishonest officers. But Alex was caught taking bribe when he was taking it for second time.

What a bad luck! He tried short cut to be financially stable but his luck didn’t allow him to do it for long time. He was proven as an accused and get punishment of six month jail. His wife decide to divorce him because the news of his dishonesty spreading in the society. His family changed the city and suffered a lot for his money making short cut. No one going to hire him again when he will be released from the jail.

Six months later Alex come out from prison and decide to commit suicide when he saw his family was broken, his wife got married other man and his kids were in orphanage. When he tried to commit suicide from a hill station, a man rescued his life and hire him as a personal assistant. Alex shared the dark side of his life and he was guilty. The man was very kind and decide to help Alex.

The man teaches Alex crypto trading and earning money from it. Alex start it and after two years of continuous work he paid back the money that man helped him to invest on crypto. Now Alex is an honest and financially stable man. He bring back his children fr orphanage and keep playing the role of a responsible dad. Gradually he become financially independent and launch his own clothing business where crypto is accepted for payment. He start doing both crypto trading and business. He gets married again and now Alex is a happy and honest family man.

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