😮 I couldn't believed my eyes when i saw my "103 KILLS"

😮 I couldn't believed my eyes when i saw my "103 KILLS"

By Etson0x | Burky | 18 May 2020


Hello everyone, have good days..


In last 10 days i have broken my record twice, first with 53 and than with 84 kills.. I have shared them in our gaming community.. 




But when i got my 84 kills performance i thought that was over and i can not brake my record again.. Because 84 was dream to me and i could really believed my eyes that day.. Ofcourse i am better than the first day but i haven't seen that much kill from anyone else too😱 


In this game there are kill streaks and i believe this is the most important think for you.. If you could kill your enemy 5 times without dying you would get Cruise Missile which you can send it to specific area and get more kills.. But in this kind small maps it is really not easy too kill 5 times without dying..


If you kill 8 times you would get the "Vitol Jet", which is nearly impossible to get it and if you call it you would get lost of kills from the sky🔥 





I could able to call the Vitol once in my 84 kills game and guess what happened in my last game? I called the Vitol twice and i messed up everything on the ground😍 My Bazooka worked hard again and i believe i got more than 35 kills with that..


I thought that i was playing good but not this much(!) Because you would not check yur score because game is too fast and yuo don't have time to check your kills.. (If you want to check your kills you need to push the tab button and game would pause and you would die:)


So after the game when i see the scoring list i couldn't believe in my eyes.. I got 103 kills! I wasn't aware that it can be done.. My friend also got shocked, we were playing together and we were talking online in our private channel with our headphones.


This time i am sure that i will not going to brake this record for sure but i feel very happy because i got record this game.. I am sure time to time i will open and watch it😀


Thank you..

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2X5tAI8

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