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Marcus Smart Brakes the Boston Celtics Record with his 11 Three-Pointers!

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Marcu Smart, Celtics Guard.. I love his playing and he is a very good defender.. I am sure lots of NBA fans will agree with me on this. He plays for his team and he could play 48 minutes! But he is not a perfect scorer, i mean yes he could play the l...

🏆 Blockchain with Sports.. Check Bethereum FREE Contest

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Hello everyone.. Do you like sports? I hear you are saying yes.. I mean who doesn't like.. Do you also like betting? Have you ever heard about the Bethereum? The Bethereum is innovative betting system and built on blockchain and they totally decentra...

Possible NBA Trades Before Deadline! (6 February 2020)

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NBA Trading deadline is coming on 6th of February and lots of people expecting some shocking trades.. I wanted to show about this probable trades between the NBA teams.. The first probable trade would be between Lakers and Wizards and the scenario is...

LeBron James Keeps Climbing!

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LeBron James, a living legend, right? Honestly i wasn't LeBron lover at the first but all changed in last 6-7 years. I knew him before he joins to the NBA, i believe he was ment to play in NBA when he was 14 years old. We all know his amazing stats w...

(INVITE ONLY!) PI NETWORK - Mining on Mobile Phones (Millions of People Downloading Today!)

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This is great and new system and as far as i understand it has big potential. PI is one of the most downloaded application in Application Store + Play Store and millions of people downloading it.. PI has very easy to use, you just hit the screen one...

Do you know how to collect "REAL" FREE COINS from all over the internet?

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How i collect my FREE COINS from all over the internet? I think this question needs to be answered bece are millions of people who searches about it. Yes everyone wants to collect FREE COins right?  In last 3 years lots of things has changed and toda...

FREE Cryptos with "Bitcoin Poker Free-roll Tournaments"

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I am playing poker online since 1996 and it's been many things has changed since than.. Now i have some great poker site which pays with cryptocurrency, specially with Bitcoin!   I am visiting those sites daily and joining the Free-Rolls tournaments...

Biggest NBA Rumors Today!

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NBA trade deadline is about to come and there are some very important names could change their teams.. I believe those changes could make big changes on teams and in all NBA ofcourse. I wanted to remind you about those players. Andre Drummond (Detroi...

🎵He was the greatest.. R.I.P. Legend Neil Peart..

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Neil Peart has passed away today and this made all of us very unhappy.. He was one of the greatest drummer ever played.. I prepared video about his death, you can find many answers about his illnes and life.. R.I.P. Legend.. We will always remember y...

NBA Starting 5 of the 80's!

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We are in the NBA History again today and i wanted to remind you about 80's NBA and wanted to create starting five.. There are many amazing players who played in 1980's and gained lots of achivements. I had to choose 5 players but i ca give you at le...