LoK - $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 15

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 21 Feb 2021

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

Another PayDay, another BRGR. First of all, let's give a shoutout to youtube/estus for making another vid starring our GHUB alliance. For the Portuguese listeners/speakers:


The Discord has been growing quickly, as have our efforts on Continent 5 (and all other Continents). We have a bright future ahead.

Last PayDay

On to the Divvies! First up, Northern Hive:


And the Southern Hive (OG BurgerLands), notice we are lvl 6+ over there:


Comes down to a total div for these 2 hives of: 


The Shrine Lands are in the hands of Lange, who was buying packages and didn't withdraw last payday. The amounts shown thus do not overlap the divvies of last 2 weeks. However, Lange calculated them to be: 10.1389 DAI. 


Giving us a total of 10.1389 + 36.8928 = 47,0317. Since withdrawals seem to have been bugged (Lange was reduced with 5 DAI instead of 1 DAI) I'll just let it stack up over the next 2 weeks and withdraw then. Giving me a little bit more work, but getting us an extra DAI this payday. 

Total of 47,0317 of which 37,63 (80%) will be used to reward our Kings and Queens and 9,41 (20%) will be used for community fund building and our monthly Burger Burning. See more in the next POBB at the end of the month. 


Meaning a total payout to players of 12.9841 BRGR, divided over C1, C2 and C5. As Lange still has possession of the Shrine Lands a portion of those payments will be taking care of by him (math will come to you @Lange). We as $Burger [BRGR] thank all the Kings and Queens, and remember, the bigger and better we get, the more valuable your BRGR will be! 

Till next time, 


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