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LoK - $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 14

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 7 Feb 2021

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

Today is a new day. GHUB has had a merger on Continent 1, with some wonderful new officers and leaders. A new discord where, from now on, we shall do dividend payments in BRGR - the juiciest token around. We still have high gas problems on eth, so buying pressure on BRGR will still be postponed for a bit, solving it with cashing out the DAI and paying out with our own BRGR stack (thereby selling against our will... meh). However, closing up the loop of our play 2 earn is a happy thing - we want players to start being owners of dividends and land sales! Also, CCTip - the bot where we do BRGR payments with - has a swapping exchange where we provided some liquidity already, thus solving some of the gas problems for players who want to start buying or selling once payments have been done - but for whom gas prices also posed problems (no gas fees over there). We decided to only be associated with 1 Alliance per Continent (Both of them being GHUB) - leaving behind the hive setup - and include all land dividends in our payments (of course in the 80/20 split between players and BRGR). 

Last Proof of Burger Burning

A small note on the POBB of last time. Since we went overbudget with buying more (Shrine) Lands, we actually had a community fund of -270 (BurgerBaron, moi, fronted the missing funds). I've decided to donate this to the cause, setting us on a clean sheet of 0. We'll be building the community fund up again with 80% of the 20% of all payments going to BRGR community fund and the rest being burned (less and less BRGR will be in existence). The community fund will be used for expanding to other games and increasing liquidity on different exchanges. With all the formal announcements out of the way, let's go to the divvy stats shall we? 

Last Payday (13)

Let's start with the Northern Hive: 


An aggregated dividend of 1,7987DAI this time for the Northern Hive. 


An aggregated 30,3511 dividend for the OG BurgerLands (Southern Hive). 


An aggregated dividend of 6,4582 for the Shrine Hive. 

After reducing the 1 DAI withdrawal fee it comes down to a total of 37,608 DAI, of which 80% (30,0864) goes to the Players in BRGR's, 20% (7,5216) will be used for community fund building and our monthly Burger Burning. See more in the next POBB at the end of the month. 


Meaning a total payout to players of 11.9075 BRGR, divided over C1 & C2. As Lange still has possession of the Shrine Lands a portion of those payments will be taking care of by him (math will come to you @Lange). We as $Burger [BRGR] thank all the Kings and Queens, and remember, the bigger and better we get, the more valuable your BRGR will be! 

Till next time, 


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