Is Now the the Time to Swap XRP for BTC?

By awmobbs | btc | 20 May 2019

I love XRP, despite the fact that it isn't quite in the same decentralized spirit as Bitcoin. I also love Bitcoin. I have holdings in both, but I also often swap them out. My strategy has been to maximize my bitcoin holdings over time, although I never completely deplete my XRP holdings when exchanging XRP for Bitcoin. I'll probably only ever trade in 20% of my XRP for Bitcoin at any one time.

My strategy is a long-term one. I never trade for USD, partly because of the high fees, partly because I believe in my heart and soul that cryptocurrency is the future of money, and thus, it makes more sense to trade between crypto-currencies. My strategy is also a simple one. Whenever there is a dip in the Bitcoin price against XRP, buy more Bitcoin by trading in XRP. Why does this make sense? The following chart clarifies things:


The Y axis represents the price of Bitcoin against XRP. Over time, the Bitcoin price relative to XRP has increased consistently. That is to say, in the long run, the value of Bitcoin continues to outgrow XRP. Notice the green circles on the chart. There are only 5 of them. Each of these circles represents a dip in the price of Bitcoin relative to XRP. That is to say, at these points, the value of XRP has increased against Bitcoin. At the moment we are experiencing a similar dip.

The green circles, in short, represent points in time where I have swapped a portion of my XRP holdings for Bitcoin. This has allowed me to maximize the value of my cryptocurrencies.

Now I'm not a financial advisor. Do what you will with this information. But if you do want to maximize your own crypto holdings, now is the time to sell some XRP and buy BTC instead.

Happy Cryptoing!

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