TK's Picks for 2021 with the Best Upside in the Top 25 as "Balancer" Portfolio to yield a steady return

TK's 12 in '21

From the Top 25, as you know them today (more or less)

Compared to that infamous day 17-12-2017 @ 17:00pm

(Thank you CoinMarketCap for preserving that Top 100+ view of the markets in 2017)

In this post I subjectively (my opinions are my own) score the crypto market 'Hype' then, compare that score to the hype I perceive now in the Top 25 and place a TK upside score for 2021 , based on what I know to be real value add coming from each crypto in the Top 25 today.(more or less)

If I missed a few in the Top 25 it's simply because I don't follow those cryptos closely enough (does anybody have the time for 25 picks?) and/or see not much of an upside in "those "new' Top 25 in 2020" entrants, or the market has moved around a bit since I looked.

I also add 2 Special TK Picks outside of the Top 25 for your consideration. Hint- Pick one to make a "Baker's Dozen" :)


Qualifier: I am thinking what would be the ideal "12 +2" Crypto portfolio in a Balancer to generate a steady return north of 10% per annum.


If you are looking to "Swing for the fences" then check out  some past Top 50 and Top 100 Stocks from 2017 who will likely make a return from where they sit in the Top 101 to 300 MarketCap space based on their delivery of promised value add.

Anything else is wild, casino style speculation.

Two Names that come to mind in that "comeback"  space? 

Maidsafe, Still chugging.         Down But Not out by any means

Comeback Kids for 2021: 3X , 4X even 5X Annualized returns?

For example: Maidsafe and  Electroneum, both UK camps really trying to make a difference in their respective anonymous Internet and Mobile commerce market segments. Both keep working really hard with limited staff (and some $ reserves) to do just that. They have both fumbled the ball so to speak in weird and wonderful ways and, have "powered out a good ground game with their heads down and their teeth gritted , learned and moved forward.

So look for cryptos with similar market focus poised to deliver in 2021, the year when lots of new fiat investors big and small will enter the crypto market place for the first time after their fiat savings get partially wiped, Post reset.

Anyway pick one. is my advice for 13, that lucky European Number. (And 'freebie" at the Bakery) 

I digress, now back to the task at hand ( I did this for myself as much as for my readership. ;) )

The 2021 Sleepers and Likely Big Losers from 2017's Top 25 List Peak

Sleeper's and Loser's in 2021, How will they shape up?


TK's Dynamic Dozen for 2012: Onward and Upward

on the Backs of True Value Delivery  from the 2020 Top 25 Players

TK's 12 for '21 using CoinGecko  data


The Two Special Cases for 2021: BAT & ATOM

Those Special Buys. Pick One!

         Marketing Spend? What Marketing Spend: Ad Buy Dies in 2020,

               2021 will be better for Brave and BAT

         'IoB' American Style- If you can't use CN tech, then what will you use?

             COSMOS & ATOM will connect the WEST, for now...

The Acquiesce Effect: Will you take the shot or push back?

Five 2020 "Super Hype" Champions: Poised to (finally) Deliver in 2021, 3 Years Later!

   IOTA- Lord of the Bees with Smart Contract Honey and a Hornet's Speed in 2021

   CARDANO- Prince of PoS and maybe IoB too. Make 2021 Great , for all of crypto. 

   ETHEREUM- Lost in the Ether in 2020, about to be Reloaded in 2021 as ETH 2.0 ? (Pass the Hopium)

   BTC - Lightning 'flashed' in 2020, Market Thunder is Coming in 2021 to Retail?

   CHAINLINK- The Birth of IoB- The 2nd Wave of IoB is coming in 2021 to change up the mix...

Will the Crypto Market be A Trillion $ Baby By end of 2021?

2021 Trillion Mark for Crypto Total Market Cap?

In a perfect storm of  a "HARD" economic reset and,  failed FIAT currencies swapping at 50% to 10% of previous value against the US $, which itself is destined to lose 50% of its value versus GOLD and  maybe 65% of its value versus BTC, I think so. Time will tell.

If little ole' Norway can do it, so can the Crypto market, maybe in one big spike to a plateau that keeps tipping up in 2022 and beyond!

Be safe and invest wisely NOW for 2021, 

TK over and Out.







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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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